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SunJun 30

Blink 182 Day – June 30, 2024

Blink 182 Day is celebrated each year the 182nd day of the year. This year, it takes place on . The band was formed in a suburb of San Diego and was known as Blink, and its original members were bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus, drummer Travis Barker, and guitarist and vocalist Matt Skiba. The members were greatly influenced by other bands like Descendents, Green Day, and Bad Religion. The band’s music is a blend of pop music melodies and fast-paced punk rock. 

History of Blink 182 Day

Blink 182 Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the existence of the band, its members, their music, and widespread popularity. The band has had quite a few name changes, initially being christened as Duck Tape, and later adopting the name Blink. However, they had to add 182 as another artist was using the name Blink. Though no one really knows why that specific number was chosen, albeit some theories say it’s because of how many times Al Pacino says a certain curse word in the movie Scarface.

Blink 182 emerged as one of the most popular rock bands at the turn of the millennium and influenced the second wave of pop punk into the mainstream. The band’s first release was the EP Fly Swatter followed by the full-length Buddha and Cheshire Cat which were released in the early 1990s. Blink 182 tasted success following in the footsteps of the renowned band Green Day and the popularity of pop punk in the late nineties. Their album “Enema of the State,” appeared exclusively on MCA and was released in 1999 to huge success

Then around a decade ago, the band’s bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus put out a tweet declaring a Blink 182 day and it has been recognized ever since. Now music lovers across the world, especially fans of pop-punk and rock music, make use of this day to appreciate one of their beloved bands for producing everlasting music. Even if you haven’t heard the band yet, it’s never too late to start, especially on a day dedicated to the band.

Why is Blink 182 named that?

The band was named Blink by Tom DeLonge when the band’s members were Tom, Mark, and Scott Raynor. However, after realizing that an Irish electronica artist was using the same name, they added “182” to the end. 

What are some of Blink 182’s most famous songs?

Some of the top-rated songs of Blink 182 are ‘What’s My Age Again?,’ ‘Anthem Part Two,’ and ‘Carousel.’

Who is in Blink 182 right now?

The current band members of Blink 182 consist of Mark Allan Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Matt Skiba. 

Blink 182 Day Activities

  1. Listen to Blink 182’s songs

    The band has recorded some great songs over the years. Celebrate this day by pumping up the volume on Blink 182’s song and keep jamming.

  2. Read up about the members

    The band members of Blink 182 have had quite a history of their own. With no dearth of information available online, read up to understand how their experiences and talents made the band what it is.

  3. Buy a vinyl

    Visit your local record store and buy a Blink 182 vinyl if you have a record player at home. You can add this to your existing collections of records or maybe start a new collection.

5 Facts About Blink 182 Day That You Should Know

  1. Do aliens exist?

    The founder of Blink 182, Tom DeLonge apparently believes that aliens exist as evidenced by the song ‘Aliens Exist.’

  2. Teen Choice Awards

    The band has had maximum success at the Teen Choice Awards, winning three awards.

  3. ‘All The Small Things’

    This song received three nominations from the MTV Video Music Awards for Video of the Year, Best Pop Video, and Best Group Video.

  4. ‘Peter Pan Complex’

    The song ‘What's My Age Again’ was originally titled ‘Peter Pan Complex.’

  5. “American Pie” cameo

    Mark, Tom, and Travis have a cameo in the first "American Pie" movie.

Why We Love Blink 182 Day

  1. They influenced new pop-punk bands

    Blink 182 enjoyed immense popularity and received a lot of love from its fans. Their performances and talents influenced the new pop-punk bands to emerge such as New Found Glory and Fall Out Boy.

  2. Pop-punk music is fun

    The kind of music produced by Blink 182 is often remarked for its high energy. It’s perfect when you need to get out of a funk and need a boost of energy and adrenaline rush.

  3. Rising above the controversies

    While Blink 182 has also been in the news for many wrong reasons, their talent remains the core of their existence. Despite the occasional hardships the band faces, they put out music that touched people’s lives.

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