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Canada Day – July 1, 2022

All those who celebrate Canada as their home and native land celebrate Canada Day on July 1st. The day commemorates the anniversary of the Constitution Act, which consolidated three territories into the single nation of Canada,  way back in 1867. That’s right — Canada celebrated its 150th birthday in 2017!

When is Canada Day 2022?

“O Canadaaa!” The country and all things Canada are celebrated on Canada Day on July 1.

History of Canada Day

Until 1982, Canada celebrated Dominion Day as their national holiday. The day was then renamed ‘Canada Day.’ The history of Canada isn’t splattered with a ton of wars and bloodshed, unlike many other countries. Throughout the mid-1800s, the possibility of unification between the British North American colonies was discussed. On July 1, 1867, the British Parliament brought the British North America Act into effect, leading to the creation of independent Canada. The territories within the dominion consisted of Upper and Lower Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. Through this act, Canada was divided into Quebec and Ontario, allowing provisions for neighboring colonies to join in the future. This is how present-day Canada came into formation. The British North America Act served as the constitution for Canada until 1982. 

Dominion Day was established in 1879 but wasn’t celebrated by many Canadians, as they still identified themselves as British citizens. This changed on the 50th anniversary of the confederation in 1917, when Dominion Day started becoming more popular. A bill was forwarded in 1946 to rename Dominion Day, but the passing of the bill was stalled due to disagreement in the House of Commons over what the new name should be. 

In 1967, on the 100th anniversary of the nation’s creation, there was an increasing interest in Canadian patriotism, and celebrations really took off. Even before it became official, citizens would refer to the holiday as Canada Day, and the name was finally adopted in 1982.

Canada Day timeline

Canadian Independence

Britain grants Canada its national independence.

Dominion Day

A federal law makes July 1 a statutory holiday as the ‘anniversary of Confederation,’ later renamed ‘Dominion Day.’

October 27, 1982
It’s Official

Dominion Day officially becomes Canada Day.

Canada turns 150!

The 150th Anniversary of Confederation is celebrated jubilantly.

Traditions of the day

Is it possible to have a patriotic celebration without a grand parade? We think not. Big and small parades are held in villages and cities all over Canada. Other traditions include wearing the national flag colors, having outdoor picnics, sporting events, festivals, and fireworks. 

Canada Day FAQs

Why is Canada Day celebrated?

Canada Day commemorates the anniversary of Confederation in 1867 when the British North America Act was passed.  


How old is Canada this year 2020?

Canada turned 153 years old in 2020. 


Is Canada Day like the Fourth of July?

Similar to how Americans celebrate the Fourth of July, Canada Day celebrates the country’s independence and its unity.

Canada Day Activities

  1. Bust out the Canadian flag!

    No Canada Day celebration is complete without the Canadian flag, be it hung from a window, draped from the shoulders, or painted on the face!

  2. Whip up some Canadian delicacies

    Canadians love to celebrate Canada Day with traditional Canadian foods, whether it be Poutine, Baklava, or beaver tails (deep fried bread dough with cinnamon and chili).

  3. Get out to a Parade

    Many Canadian cities will hold Canada Day parades, complete with fireworks, street food, and full marching bands. There's nothing more Canadian than getting out and celebrating with your neighbors.

5 Unbelievably Cool Facts About Canada

  1. Canada has more lakes than you think

    The stereotypical thing associated with Canada is maple syrup, but the country has more surface area covered with lakes compared to any other country in the world combined.

  2. Canada has the world’s longest coastline

    If one were to walk the entire length of the Canadian coastline at a pace of 12 miles per day, it will take 30 years.

  3. Canada has an abundance of trees.

    Canada boasts 30% of the world’s boreal forest and 10% of the world’s total forests.

  4. Quebec produces the most maple syrup.

    Quebec supplies almost two-thirds of the world’s maple syrup.

  5. Canada can get as cold as Mars!

    A temperature of -63℃ (-81.4℉) was recorded in the small village of Snag on Feb. 3, 1947 — that’s colder than the average temperature on the surface of Mars!

Why We Love Canada Day

  1. It coincides with personal freedom

    Canada Day roughly correlates to America's Independence Day — but many Canadians get the additional gift of personal freedom, as most leases in La Belle province expire on July 1st.

  2. It's the perfect excuse for a cold one

    British Columbia alone guzzles 1.2 million—yes, million—liters of beer over Canada Day weekend (all purchased from official government run liquor stores, of course).

  3. It kicks off History Week

    From 2013 onwards, Canada Day has marked the beginning of Canada History Week—which encourages citizens to learn more about their nation by visiting museums, monuments, and memorials.

Canada Day dates

2022July 1Friday
2023July 1Saturday
2024July 1Monday
2025July 1Tuesday
2026July 1Wednesday

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