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Dog House Repair Month – July 1, 2022

Every Dog House Repair Month in July, make it a point to upgrade the dog house built for your four-legged friend! If you don’t have the funds to buy a new dog house, you can even construct one from scratch, or simply add more features to the existing dog house. Yes, this is super important since the summertime can be tough on outdoor dogs, and they need to have a place that can provide them with shade and water. So put your thinking caps on and come up with creative ideas to improve your dog house design. Trust us, your dog will forever be grateful to you!

History of Dog House Repair Month

During 12,000 B.C., the Chinese domesticated dogs and used them for several purposes. Dogs were used as a food source, exemplary hunting allies, and even as a sacrifice to the gods. While these traditions still exist in some parts of the world, other nations place great focus on giving dogs the status they deserve as man’s best friend. And since we love dogs so much, it is all but natural to ponder upon how we can make their lives more comfortable.

This is why Dog House Repair Month was formed in the year 2000. The founder of the day is Heidi Richards Mooney, a social media consultant and publisher of “WE Magazine for Women.” The formation of the month, however, has an intriguing story of its own. Formed to market Heidi’s

retail florist shop, the idea behind the initiative was to push people into doing something special for their furry friends. Over the years, it evolved into something much bigger — it addressed the need for building and repairing dog houses. This is essential, especially in July, since the weather is super hot and can cause heatstroke in dogs if they are not provided proper care.

But where did this idea of creating a house for dogs come from? The first building that was made for a dog was a tombstone that dates back to 2589–2566 B.C. in Egypt. According to historic sources, Egyptians also created dog houses in the form of mud huts to provide shade to hunting dogs. From thereon, the typical dog house evolved. Today, dog houses have fans, food bowls, water bowls, and other additions that are formulated to provide dogs with a comfy life. 

Dog House Repair Month timeline

The Royal Canine

Marie Antoinette has a dog house made of wood and silk upholstery for her dog.

Starting Fresh

The first luxury dog house is created by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Woof Essay

A photo essay on dog houses is printed in “Life” magazine.


Dog house designs evolve and become stylish.

Dog House Repair Month FAQs

What can I put in my doghouse to keep it warm?

Numerous things can be helpful such as blankets, hay, cushions, rugs, etc.

Are dog houses cruel?

Dog houses can be cruel if the dog is tied and kept in the house regardless of the weather. 

Where do you put a dog house in a yard?

Place the dog house in an area where there is shade as well as ample space for the dog to run around. 

How to Celebrate Dog House Repair Month

  1. Repair your dog house

    If you have a dog house, now is the time to upgrade it and add new features. This is essential, especially in the summer since a lot of pets get heatstroke.

  2. Talk about the month on social media

    If you know about dogs and dog houses, share your knowledge on social media platforms so those around you can come up with strategies to make dog houses more comfortable.

  3. Visit a dog house exhibit

    Use this month to visit dog house exhibits and see the different types of designs that are available. You can always upgrade your dog house based on these observations.

5 Fun Facts About Dog Houses

  1. Partitioned dog houses

    Partitioned dog houses are large kennels with two doors, a partition, and can fit two dogs.

  2. Paris Hilton’s dog house

    The Spanish-style dog house for Paris Hilton’s pup was created by designer Faye Resnick.

  3. The most expensive dog house in the world

    The most expensive dog house in the world costs $417,000, has a plasma screen TV, a webcam, a spa pool, and is climate controlled.

  4. Stress issues

    Often, dogs refuse to live in dog houses because they feel separation anxiety.

  5. Taj Mahal replica

    There is a dog house that is a copy of the Taj Mahal.

Why Dog House Repair Month is Important

  1. It creates awareness

    The month creates awareness regarding dog houses and the importance of yearly repairs in order to ensure your dog has the best place to sleep in.

  2. It leads to idea generation regarding design

    While repairing the dog house, you might get a brain wave for a new and super comfortable dog house that no canine would say no to.

  3. It highlights the dos and don'ts of dog houses

    The day looks at the dos and don'ts of keeping dog houses, how they can be improved based on the weather, and which location is the best for a canine abode.

Dog House Repair Month dates

2022July 1Friday
2023July 1Saturday
2024July 1Monday
2025July 1Tuesday
2026July 1Wednesday

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