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National Report Military Fraud Day – July 2, 2024

The National Report Military Fraud Day, on July 2, raises awareness about the extent and implications of military fraud and educates the public on monetary incentives for reporting the same to the relevant authorities.

Fraud accounts for about 10% of total military spending. Military fraud costs the government around $50 billion, out of the $500 billion that the Department of Defense, or D.O.D. spends annually. It is hardly surprising that, from a fiscal point of view, it poses a grave national problem. It is for this reason that Congress has allowed the Department of Justice, or D.O.J. to award incentives of up to 30% of the total amount recovered through the frauds disclosed by whistleblowers. These may be against any government contractor, any particular program like the military and the Department of Defense, homeland security, and Medicare.

History of National Report Military Fraud Day

National Report Military Fraud Day was established and first observed in 2018. It was founded by Joel Hesch, an attorney who worked for the whistleblower award office at the D.O.J. for over 15 years. Hesch reclaimed more than $1.2 billion in government recoveries from fraudsters and scammers while he worked at the D.O.J. He also helped in paying out huge sums as incentives to whistleblowers. Hesch then founded law firm of his own, and now exclusively represents whistleblowers in seeking monetary incentives for disclosing cases of government fraud and military misconduct.

Mr. Hesch also authored an e-book that explains the necessary information regarding military fraud and homeland security. This e-book is available for free on the official website for the national day. The e-book also includes his personal contact information in case any details on the whistleblower reward system are required. Hesch also has a personal website that outlines the eligibility criteria for whistleblower awards and incentives.

There are two options for reporting military fraud. The first is to report a crime under the D.O.J. reward program, which pays 15% to 25% of the money recovered as a whistleblower reward.
Furthermore, under this program, the government will launch an investigation and notify the whistleblower of the findings. The second option is to submit a complaint on the D.O.D. website. This allows for anonymous reporting of fraud as well. However, there is no investigation, reward, and notification of findings in this option.

National Report Military Fraud Day timeline

2700 B.C

The documentation of military history begins in Basra, with a clash between Sumer (present-day Iraq) and Elam (present-day Iran)

1942 A.D.
The Act on Dependents of Servicemen

Congress passes the act and the government recognizes military families as a military obligation.

Medical Care Act

The Dependents Medical Care Act is passed by President Eisenhower, which provides all-inclusive health coverage to the dependents of armed forces personnel.

First Observed

The National Military Fraud Day is founded, and the whistleblower attorney, Hesch, plays an instrumental role in the process.

National Report Military Fraud Day FAQs

What is the monetary incentive for reporting military fraud?

Individuals who submit a case under the D.O.J. incentive program are normally entitled to between 15% and 30% of any amount recovered by the government.

What exactly constitutes military fraud?

In such a fraud, the scammers impersonate the persona of a serving or former U.S. army man and create a bogus identity by accessing the images of that individual from the internet. Afterward, they demand money under various phony pretexts.

What can I do to prevent military fraud?

If you ever suspect military fraud, you can dial (800) 424-9098 for a D.O.D. hotline. You can also file a hotline complaint through the D.O.D. website. Anonymous reporting is also allowed.

How to Observe National Report Military Fraud Day

  1. Read the Free eBook

    Download the free e-book penned by Hesch to learn about several fraud tactics and the whistleblower incentive program by the D.O.J. Take some time out on this day to see how you can participate.

  2. Share it on social media

    Spread the word about this day on social media to raise awareness about this relevant topic of national interest. The only way to make fraudsters scared is by making the public aware of military frauds and the subsequent rewards for reporting them.

  3. Assist someone who is in need

    If you know someone who has been tricked by a scam, you can assist them in filing a complaint. Explain to them the laws regarding their compensation.

5 Facts To Know About Military Scams

  1. Scammers create fake profiles

    Fraudsters build phony accounts on dating apps, websites, and social media, using actual images and impersonating real service members to create convincing identities.

  2. Honeytrap way

    Fraudsters often pretend to be military personnel suffering from a financial problem or loneliness as a result of overseas deployment.

  3. Monetary demands

    Just hang up if you get a phone call from someone pretending to be a superior officer, because commanding officers will never contact civilians for any purpose, particularly to solicit money or gift cards.

  4. Payment to return home

    This is a popular justification used by scammers to get you to pay for their return, however, the military always bears the complete cost of every soldier’s home return from anywhere in the world.

  5. Payment for early retirement

    Some con artists pretend to be military personnel who wish to retire early so that they can be with you, and claim that they must pay in order to be excused from their service obligation.

Why National Report Military Fraud Day is Important

  1. A day to assert your rights

    The United States military always helps people in need and if you have ever been a victim of military fraud, the day serves as a reminder to demand justice and recover what is lawfully yours. Assert your rights, and know what you are entitled to.

  2. Vigilance is required against fraud

    We must educate ourselves so that we do not fall victim to military deception. We must keep up with the latest scams since criminals come up with novel ones every other day.

  3. Well-informed is well-armed

    Having relevant knowledge is akin to wearing a helmet when riding a bike; it will not prevent the fall, but will certainly reduce the impact. Being informed can help you in taking action to mitigate the consequences of a fraudulent financial transaction.

National Report Military Fraud Day dates

2024July 2Tuesday
2025July 2Wednesday
2026July 2Thursday
2027July 2Friday
2028July 2Sunday

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