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TueJul 2

Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day – July 2, 2024

Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day is observed on July 2 the world over in recognition of the fear of speaking in public experienced by many people. People can use the opportunity to discuss this problem and its causes, what they can do to overcome their anxiety about speaking in public and get their thoughts and ideas across freely. The holiday encourages those affected to come forward and share why they feel afraid and find others who understand the predicament. It’s also a day for people to share their tips on how to become more confident.

History of Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day

Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day is observed internationally on July 2. Every year, people around the world who dread speaking in public come together to discuss their fears and find different ways to overcome this drawback. Public speaking or oration is a skill necessary for those who need to communicate with a large audience. From classrooms to businesses, public speaking is a valued asset required in numerous fields and scenarios.

Primarily, public speaking or oration is necessary for several reasons — from entertaining people to teaching them or persuading them in some way. A good speech can impact the lives of those who listen to it by informing them, inspiring them, or convincing them to take a particular course of action.

Speaking as a formal field of study was developed in Ancient Greece and Rome, which characterized the subject under rhetoric. The aim was to change something in the hearts and minds of listeners or persuade them into some acceptance. One of the first teachers of oration or speaking was the Greek philosopher Aristotle. He spoke about the need for prospective speakers to combine the principles of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, which refer to the credentials, emotions, and logic used to support the content of a speech.

Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, and other teachers of rhetoric, or the art of speaking, were intrinsic in Greek society. Anyone who wanted to succeed socially, politically, or in the court of the Emperor needed to be to orate well. Even today, speaking is essential to success in most industries. However, many find it very difficult to do this in front of an audience, leading to the institution of this day meant to help people become free of their fear of speaking.

Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day timeline

12th century B.C.
First Piece of Oratory Written

Ancient Greece values the art of speaking and produces the first piece of oratory in the world.

509 B.C.
The Roman Empire Adopts Greek Oration

The Roman Empire adopts the speaking styles and studies of the Greeks which becomes the standard style of speaking in public.

360 B.C.
Aristotle Is the First Oratory Teacher

The philosopher Aristotle becomes the first recorded teacher of oration in Ancient Greece.

Latin Style Oration Goes Out of Style

Post World War II, the ornate Latin style falls out of favor and more simple speech is given more importance.

Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day FAQs

How do I overcome my fear of speaking?

Prepare what you have to say, say what you know, practice your speeches, and focus on your material before you speak.

Why is public speaking so scary?

Fear of speaking is a social anxiety, developing from our collective fear of being ostracized by our people.

Should I take a shot before I sleep?

No. Drinking alcohol before a speech can make it easier for you to trip over your words and say the wrong thing.

How to Observe Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day

  1. Share information about overcoming fear

    This is the day to share all your tips and tricks to overcome your fear of public speaking. You can also check social media for other people’s tips.

  2. Practice speaking with friends

    The best way to be free from fear is to face it, but you can start small. Speak to small audiences made of your friends and family so you get used to talking.

  3. Join a public speaking club

    Join local clubs near you like Toastmasters. These associations will give your opportunities to practice speaking and overcome your fears.

5 Facts About The Fear Of Speaking That You Probably Didn’t Know

  1. There is a word for it

    The fear of speaking is known as ‘glossophobia,’ which translates to ‘tongue fear.’

  2. It’s the most common fear

    As much as 77% of the population of the world has some form of fear of speaking.

  3. It is a type of social phobia

    The fear of speaking is less about speaking, and more about speaking to strangers or people who are distant but important.

  4. The size of the audience doesn’t matter

    People who have a fear of speaking may get nervous in front of small groups as well as large audiences.

  5. It can cause other issues

    People who dread speaking publicly can develop other mental health illnesses like anxiety and depression.

Why Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day is Important

  1. We want to stop being afraid

    We get really nervous if we have to say something important and we want to overcome it. We want to share our ideas without being scared.

  2. We want to empower people

    We want more people to feel like they can speak easily. We want to ensure everyone can share their thoughts in front of a group.

  3. We want new tips and tricks

    We already have a few ways to get over our fear, but we want to learn more. We love to see all the different ways people have overcome their fear of speaking.

Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day dates

2024July 2Tuesday
2025July 2Wednesday
2026July 2Thursday
2027July 2Friday
2028July 2Sunday

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