National Donut Day – June 5, 2020

Fri Jun 5

Random thoughts on June 5 — National Donut Day — from a pair of highly regarded scholars:

“Whether you take the donut hole as a blank space or as an entity unto itself is a purely metaphysical question — and does not affect the taste of the donut one bit.”
     — Haruki Murakami (Japanese writer)

     — Homer Simpson (Husband)

Here we go. Donuts are religion in the U.S. Perhaps no snack food symbolizes all-out joy for Americans like this chewy deep-fried treat. We seem to want them all the time. Bring a box to the office during any part of the workday and just see how long they last.

National Donut Day falls on the first Friday in June each year. This replaces The Salvation Army’s “Donut Day” event created in 1938 to honor members who served donuts to soldiers during World War I.


Here are some National Donut Day 2019 deals:

Dunkin’: Get a free donut when you purchase a beverage.

Krispy Kreme: Stores are giving away one free donut to anyone who comes in on Friday, no purchase necessary. Yes, you can pick from the whole menu!

Walmart: Around 4,000 Walmart stores will give away free glazed donuts on Friday. Just stop by the bakery section.

National Donut Day - Survey Results

#1: Krispy Kreme (41%)
#2: Dunkin’ Donuts (40%)
#3: Shipley Donuts (4%)
#4: Tim Hortons (3%)
#5: Voodoo Donuts (3%)
#6: Daylight Donuts (3%)
#7: Entenmann’s Donuts in my own kitchen (3%)
#8: Winchell’s Donuts (2%)
#9: Lamar’s Donuts (1%)
#10: Honey Dew Donuts (1%)

National Donut Day Activities

  1. Bring donuts to the office

    It's Friday. Make your teammates happy by bringing them something extra special today. Stop by your local donut shop and get a dozen of their sweetest treats. We recommend a variety of donuts. Bring options for your pals. Hint: Put your favorite type to the side before someone in the accounting department takes it.

  2. Treat the kids

    Do you really wake up early enough to cook the kids scrambled eggs, sausage links, and cups of fruit? Or maybe you're like the rest of us. You snooze one too many times, rush to make the kids' breakfast and barely make it out of the door to get them to school before the bell rings. Try breakfast donuts — but not all the time!

  3. Donut party

    Invite over your closest friends over for a donut-baking contest. Create categories like most creative, most festive and tastiest.

Why We Love National Donut Day

  1. Donut decadence

    Chocolate. Glazed. Jelly. Frosted. Strawberry. Cream. Sugar. Blueberry. Cruller. Cinnamon. Hungry?

  2. You're excused

    We get it, you've worked years to attain that awesome beach bod, and we'll admit that you look good! That's exactly why you deserve this break. Life is too short to not enjoy yourself. One donut won't ruin those washboard abs. Plus, you can go to the gym later.

  3. Inner children

    Do you remember what it was like being a kid and not worrying about your responsibilities? Seems like a century ago right? Make your inner child happy again with a glazed donut. The mortgage, tuition and cell phone bills can wait for a few hours.