National Grilling Month – July 2022

The National Grilling Month, which falls in July, is an invitation to eat delicious foods made on the grill. Yes, it’s already hot, and we are telling you to stand near a source of heat to prepare food. But if you can’t beat it, you can strive to make it better, and food makes any situation better. Invite your family and friends for a day out. Plan fun games and play some music as you fire up the grill. While you’re at it, you can try new recipes as you enjoy the outdoors. Grilling is actually so fun and convenient that it was invented soon after the domestication of fire, and this was some 500,000 years ago.

History of National Grilling Month

The National Grilling Month in July ushers in fun times by the grill. Grilling, which is food being cooked using dry heat, goes way back in history, all the way to the caveman era. There are no set records of how cavemen discovered grilling, but some historians believe that cavemen might have eaten animals that were killed by forest fires. After eating the cooked meat, the cavemen may have found their meal to be much more enjoyable and easier to digest. Other scholars think that in those days, animals would freeze very soon after being killed, so the cavemen would use fire to warm their meal, and it would be this proximity to the fire that would lead to the meat being ‘grilled.’ Ever since then, people have been grilling all kinds of things, and not just meat.

Backyard grilling became popular only recently. Until the 1940s, people would only grill when they were in the great outdoors or at picnics in a park. Backyard grilling only became popular after WW2 when many people’s socio-economic conditions improved and the middle class rose. People started grilling in their backyards. The mention of grilling also brings us to the topic of barbecue. Much like grilling, barbecue’s origins remain obscure, yet many historians think that the latter may have originated from Spain or the Caribbean. The word’s etymology can be traced to the Spanish word ‘barbacoa,’ which is a meat dish. But at the same time, barbecue is also similar to a word used by the Arawak people of the Caribbean. They had a wooden structure upon which they grilled and roasted meat. Today, grilling/barbecue has become popular with several cultures of the world. For instance, there’s South Asia’s ‘chicken tikka,’ East Asia’s ‘satay’ or ‘inasal,’ and Europe’s ‘grillspett.’

National Grilling Month timeline

500,000 Years Ago
Grilling Invented

The domestication of fires leads to the cavepeople inventing grilling.

17th Century
Different Meanings of ‘Barbecue’

As a word, ‘barbecue’ is used to refer to shelving or a place to sleep.

18th Century
American Barbecue from Colonial America

‘Barbecue’ originates from colonial America, specifically from the Southeastern settlements.

Grill for Backyard Grilling Invented

George A. Stephen, an American inventor and founder of Weber-Stephen Products Co., invents the Weber grill from a metal buoy.

National Grilling Month FAQs

What month is the National Grilling Month?

July is the National Grilling Month. 

Is grilling good for health?

Grilled food is generally healthier than fried food. There’s no excess fat involved, nutrients remain intact, and calorie levels remain low. 

What are the basics of grilling?

Ensure you have the right cuts. Keep your cooked food and raw food separate from each other. You should always keep your food refrigerated until you are ready to cook it. Always have your grill preheated to avoid the food sticking to the grills. To have your meat properly cooked, you can put a lid on the grill, so that the food can cook through steam. 

How To Celebrate National Grilling Month

  1. Host a grilling session

    This is a great time to invite your family and friends to enjoy July and a grilling session. You can buy the food in advance, and also get your loved ones to bring their favorite foods to be grilled. Food and company make for the best times.

  2. Try unique food grills

    Have you ever grilled fruit? If not, this is your chance. Fruits like pineapple, peaches, and plums taste great as is, but it’s a whole different level when you grill them.

  3. Explore the outdoors

    July is a great month to enjoy the warm weather. Take your food supplies and grilling gear to go camping or picnicking. If you can, try fishing, and then grill the fish you catch.

5 Facts About Barbecues That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. American presidents’ barbecue tradition

    American presidents, like Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson, were known to host barbecues at the White House.

  2. Barbecuing is a year-round favorite

    While many people barbecue when it’s summer, others love it so much that they do it all year long.

  3. Largest barbecue

    The largest barbecue took place in Nuevo Leon, Mexico with a 45,000 attendance.

  4. National Barbecue Day on July 13

    If you love to barbecue, get ready to celebrate because National Barbecue Day is happening on July 13!

  5. Stingy barons responsible for briskets

    Slow-cooked briskets were invented by cowboys after their stingy barons refused to feed them proper meat, and gave them briskets instead.

Why We Love National Grilling Month

  1. It’s a celebration of grilling/barbecues

    Cooking on a grill is an art form. You have to have the right temperature, the right amount of marination on your meat, and the right amount of cooking time for you to get that perfect juicy piece of food. This month is a celebration of this art, so let’s appreciate it by oiling and firing up our grills.

  2. It’s a celebration of food

    Food is one of those things in the world that unites everyone everywhere. Food is for survival, but it is also a way of bringing everyone together to enjoy the experience of eating and cheering together.

  3. It’s a celebration of fun times

    In America, when you are grilling, you are not just grilling, but you are also enjoying the festivity-like atmosphere around you. Friends and family are around, games are being played, and the air is serenaded with music. It’s a feel-good environment all around.

National Grilling Month dates

2022July 1Friday
2023July 1Saturday
2024July 1Monday
2025July 1Tuesday
2026July 1Wednesday

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