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ThuMay 16

National BBQ Day – May 16, 2024

National BBQ Day is celebrated every May 16 to serve as a reminder of the delicious food that Americans have access to. Go to a restaurant or have a grill in your own backyard. Just make sure you celebrate the day with great fervor!

History of National BBQ Day

Barbecues are one of America’s favorite pastimes. Since the activity is highly common in the U.S., it is no surprise that a special day has been dedicated to celebrating the barbecuing tradition.

Although the concept of barbecuing did not originate in America, the activity has become an essential part of American culture today. The history of barbecuing in the U.S. goes back to colonial times where any celebration was incomplete without a cookout. After the Revolutionary War was won and the first bridge was built over the Missouri River, barbecue celebrations erupted all over the nation. Even the American presidents are famous for hosting massive barbecues during times of success and on days of special observances. In fact, George Washington’s diary is said to have referenced a barbecue event that lasted for three days — that’s how deeply rooted barbecuing is in the country’s history!

Barbecues are a White House tradition thanks to President Lyndon B. Johnson who started this trend by hosting the first-ever barbecue in the presidential headquarters. The food items served at the event included delicious Texas-style barbecue wings.

National BBQ Day timeline

29,000 B.C.
Barbecued Mammoth

Mammoth meat is grilled in a four feet long cooking pit.

The Origins

A Spanish explorer mentions the word ‘barbecoa’ in his account of the West Indies.

Making It Official

British buccaneer William Dampier uses the word ‘barbecue’ for the first time.

The Next Level

Thomas Edison designs the first commercial charcoal briquet factory.

National BBQ Day FAQs

What is another name for a BBQ?

Another name for a BBQ is a cookout.

What Day is National Barbecue Day?

It is celebrated on May 16.

What is the meaning of ‘barbecue’?

It means roasting large pieces of meat over an open fire or grill.

What month is National BBQ Month?

May is National BBQ Month.

How to Celebrate National BBQ Day

  1. Host a barbecue

    A simple way to celebrate the day is to host a barbecue for friends and family in your very own backyard. Cook, eat, and enjoy!

  2. Throw a barbecue eating competition

    Indulge in a barbecue eating competition at a restaurant. It can get messy, but the event will surely be a fun one.

  3. Create a new recipe

    Experiment and try to cook up a new barbecue sauce recipe for steak or burgers. Who knows, you might end up opening your own food chain one day.

5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Barbecues

  1. The longest barbecue

    Held in Georgia, the longest barbecue lasted for up to 80 hours.

  2. Researching the best barbecue restaurants

    Johnny Fugit ate at 365 restaurants in the U.S. in a year.

  3. The favorite grilling food

    85% of people prefer grilling burgers at barbecues.

  4. The largest barbecue in Mexico

    45,000 people were present at the barbecue largest barbecue in Mexico.

  5. Alabama’s favorite

    Barbecue food is available at 8.27% of restaurants in the State of Alabama.

Why We Love National BBQ Day

  1. It celebrates delicious BBQ food

    You have to admit it, barbecue food is delicious. Who doesn’t love an excuse to get their hands on tangy grilled meat?

  2. Grilled food is healthy

    Since grilled food uses less oil, it is considered to be much healthier. This is why barbecue food is perfect for people who are watching their weight. Try to avoid the sauces, though, since some of them are very high in calories.

  3. Barbecues are social events

    Why eat alone when you can hang out with close friends at a barbecue? The social activity is a favorite of many families since children and adults can both enjoy the event.

National BBQ Day dates

2024May 16Thursday
2025May 16Friday
2026May 16Saturday
2027May 16Sunday
2028May 16Tuesday

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