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ThuMay 16

National Sea Monkey Day – May 16, 2024

National Sea Monkey Day falls on May 16 every year to celebrate these little creatures. Sea Monkeys were created in a lab many years ago but since then they’ve become a common household pet. Many of us have happy memories of awaiting the delivery of our first Sea Monkeys in the mail. They are really popular with children and adults alike and, at one point, they were even heavily marketed by comic books.

History of National Sea Monkey Day

It was back in 1957 when, during a visit to a pet store, Harold von Braunhut became fascinated with a species of brine shrimp called Artemia salina, which was being sold as pet food. He later partnered up with a marine biologist, Dr. Anthony D’Agostino, to bring the sea monkey to life. Together, they developed a proper mix of nutrients and chemicals in dry form that can be added to plain water to create an environment conducive to the shrimp’s growth.

Sea Monkeys were initially sold under the name ‘Instant Life’ and later given the name ‘Sea Monkeys’ owing to the fact that they have a monkey-tail-like shape, making them resemble monkeys of the sea rather than shrimps. They were a very popular pet from the ’60s onwards and they usually came with a special mini aquarium that was used to hatch them and for them to live and grow in.

These small creatures have gained much popularity over the years and even found a name in pop culture. They’ve been showcased in television shows including “South Park,” “The Simpsons,” and “Desperate Housewives.”

National Sea Monkey Day timeline

The Invention of Sea Monkeys

After the popularization of ant farms a year earlier by Milton Levine, Harold von Braunhut invents a new unusual pet, Sea Monkeys.

Sea Monkeys Get Their Name

Harold von Braunhut changes the name of these creatures from ‘Instant Life’ to ‘Sea Monkeys.’

Patent for Sea Monkey Process

Harold von Braunhut is granted a patent for the process of developing Sea Monkeys.

Space Travel

Sea Monkeys travel to space with astronaut John Glenn aboard Space Shuttle Discovery.

National Sea Monkey Day FAQs

What is the lifespan of a Sea Monkey?

Sea Monkeys have a life span of two years, however, they can be reproduced so you can have them around longer.

How often should I feed Sea Monkeys?

Sea Monkeys should only be fed sea monkey food every five days, as overfeeding can kill them. Their transparent bodies can help you observe their digestive tract if looked closely.

Can Sea Monkeys live in a fish tank?

It is advisable not to mix your fish and Sea Monkeys as they are brine shrimp, and aquarium fish see them as a treat. Fish will gobble up your Sea Monkeys if they are left in the same tank.

How To Celebrate National Sea Monkey Day

  1. Educate children about pet care

    Sea Monkeys are relatively easy pets to manage and they can be used as a great way to teach children about pet care. Get some Sea Monkeys to educate your children and instill a caring nature in them towards pets.

  2. Get your own Sea Monkeys

    Have you been contemplating getting a pet? If you’re looking for a low-maintenance pet, use this day to get some Sea Monkeys and watch them grow.

  3. Share a photo of your Sea Monkeys

    Do you already have some sea monkeys floating around? Firstly, pamper these creatures on this day dedicated to them. Secondly, take cute and adorable photos of your Sea Monkeys and upload them on social media using the hashtag #NationalSeaMonkeyDay.

5 Facts About Sea Monkeys That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Sea Monkeys’ own television show

    They had their own TV show called “The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys,” which focused on three microscopic Sea Monkeys who were enlarged to human size by a crazy professor.

  2. Sea Monkeys’ anatomy

    Sea Monkeys are born with one eye and later they grow three eyes and breathe through their feet.

  3. Sea Monkeys are attracted to light

    If you shine a flashlight in a tank filled with Sea Monkeys, they will swim towards the light.

  4. Sea Monkeys’ diet

    Sea Monkeys eat the algae in their tank so you don’t have to clean it out unless it gets really dirty in there.

  5. Sea Monkeys’ nature

    Sea Monkeys are loving creatures who show their affection for one another by kissing and cuddling.

Why We Love National Sea Monkey Day

  1. Sea Monkeys aren’t harmful to the environment

    Sea Monkeys are so tiny and lovable. They aren’t even harmful to the environment. As a matter of fact, they cannot survive in water that hasn’t been prepared with Harold von Braunhut's formula. Don’t these little marvels deserve a day of their own?

  2. Sea Monkeys are great pets

    They were initially marketed as “instant pets” before they officially got the name Sea Monkeys. They’re easy to maintain, need to be fed only once a week, and require only basic care.

  3. Sea Monkeys don’t exist in nature

    Isn’t it a marvel that Sea Monkeys were actually made and don’t exist in nature? They were bred from different brine shrimp species through a scientific process. Sea Monkeys actually belong to the species called Artemia NYOS, which is named after the New York Oceanic Society where they were made.

National Sea Monkey Day dates

2024May 16Thursday
2025May 16Friday
2026May 16Saturday
2027May 16Sunday
2028May 16Tuesday

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