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American Craft Beer Week – May 16-22, 2024

American Craft Beer Week is organized between May 16 and May 22. It is celebrated to give independent breweries and local beer makers a chance to make a mark on the global market. In the U.S. alone, there are more than 500 independent breweries, which look forward to this week to compete with their global competitors.

History of American Craft Beer Week

The Brewers Association launched American Craft Beer Week in 2006 to support the independent brewers and craft breweries and who make their own delicious golden liquid.

A few years ago, the term ‘microbreweries’ was used to refer to what we now call ‘craft breweries’. This term was used to distinguish small-scale brewers from ‘macro’ brewers. The pioneers of the micro revolution were two breweries — the Boston Beer Company, which produces the beer Samuel Adams, and Sierra Nevada. Both breweries were some of the earliest adopters of the hallmarks of craft brewing and achieved success regardless of their small production scale. However, as their renown grew, so did their breweries. Despite the fact that they continued to brew beer with the same level of care, they began producing too much beer to truly be considered micro.

Beer drinkers who supported the success of these brewers and others like them, who continued to abide by the highest-quality brewing principles, decided to call these breweries ‘craft breweries.’ Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada still sell under six million barrels a year, but they’re pushing the limits. Yet beer fans continue to enjoy their wonderful brews.

American Craft Beer Week timeline

Birth Year launches National American Craft Beer Week.

Rise in Popularity

Craft beer’s popularity rises 10 fold and captures the market extremely well.

Market Share

The craft beer market alone generates $27.6 billion.

Job Creation

Craft beer production provides more than 1,38,000 direct full- and part-time jobs.

American Craft Beer Week FAQs

What is the most popular craft beer in America?

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Russian River Brewing Co., Founders Brewing Co., Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Tree House Brewing Co., Deschutes Brewery, The Alchemist Brewery, New Belgium Brewing Co. are some of the most popular craft brews.

What is American craft beer?

An American craft brewer is a small and independent brewer who has an annual production of six million barrels of beer or less (approximately 3% of U.S. annual sales).

Why is it called craft beer?

According to the Brewers Association, there are three attributes that define craft brewing — craft brewers are, by definition, small, independent, and traditional.

How To Celebrate American Craft Beer Week

  1. Help organize

    In National American Craft Beer Week, you can go to your nearest pub and check with them whether or not they’re supporting some local brews. If not, you can help them organize an event throughout the week where the local brewers can be given a chance to showcase their beers.

  2. Spread the word

    National American Craft Beer Week is something that needs to be celebrated in each and every pub and bar in the country. Spread the word on social media.

  3. Enjoy a beer (or a few) with friends

    What better way to enjoy the National American Craft Beer Week than to go out to a pub that serves a local brew and enjoying some beer with your friends. It will make a fun memory of which you can share the pictures to draw more attention to this week.

5 Differences Between Craft And Regular Beer

  1. Craft beer has more taste

    Craft breweries usually put a lot more effort into their beer recipes, giving their beers unique tastes and properties.

  2. Alcohol content

    Some craft beers can have lower alcohol content than regular beer, but the vast majority of craft beers have it the other way round.

  3. More variety

    Craft beers are very unique in their taste compared to most regular beers, giving you a new experience every time you try different kinds of craft beers.

  4. Potentially cheaper

    Due to its higher alcohol content, you may only need to drink half of the amount compared to a regular beer.

  5. Pairing with food

    It has become more and more popular to enjoy craft beer with quality three-course meals, just like you would an expensive red or white wine.

Why We Love American Craft Beer Week

  1. Beer is fun

    Let’s face it, beer is one of the few things that bond people all over the world. So when we have a week like National American Craft Beer Week, in which we encourage people all over to enjoy a beer, it can’t get any better.

  2. Vocal for local

    National American Craft Beer Week is something that promotes and encourages local breweries, which gives the average person who wants to brew beer in their backyard or garage a chance to make a name for themselves. The more we support local brands, the more the dependency on foreign goods will reduce.

  3. Better taste

    Local breweries are more personal and the beers are made with a lot more love. That’s why the taste is far superior to factory-made branded international beers. In National American Craft Beer, it is fun to explore these new flavors.

American Craft Beer Week dates

2024May 16Thursday
2025May 16Friday
2026May 16Saturday
2027May 16Sunday
2028May 16Tuesday

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