National American Beer Day – October 27, 2019

Sun Oct 27

National American Beer Day is observed by beer drinkers across the nation every year on October 27. There are over 2,100 breweries that brew and manufacture beer in the United States. They range in size from industry giants like Budweiser to smaller brew pubs and microbreweries. California currently ranks #1 in number of craft breweries combined, coming in at 518.

National American Beer Day Activities

  1. Chill some Buds and spend some time with friends

    Pick up a nice, refreshing 12-pack, or 24-pack of Budweiser, then call up your buddies and gals and have a great time catching up with some brews in hand.

  2. Tour a local American brewery

    Go online, and search for a brewery near you. You’ll be amazed at the various locations you’ll find, it doesn’t take much planning to have a great time at a brewery.

  3. Throw a kegger party with American brews

    Step 1. Ensure you buy enough beer. Step 2. Invite the right people - You need people to share that fun with, right? Step 3. Turn up that dance music and let the good times roll. A good keg party is always memorable…or not.

Why We Love National American Beer Day

  1. Beer has a refreshing taste

    According to researchers, the taste of beer releases a chemical in the brain which makes people want to drink more. Moreover, beer’s taste - without even any effect from alcohol - can trigger the production of dopamine in the brain, the study by researchers from Indiana University found.

  2. Beer brings people together

    Beer provides that little bit of a reason needed to hang out with those we love. “Hey Hubert, want to grab a beer sometime?” Or “Hey Rihanna, want to grab a beer sometime?” I like to pretend I’m friends with Rihanna.

  3. Beer is a reward

    Beer is not just a drink, it is an achievement of sorts. From all the hard work that gets done – it ends with everyone getting together for a beer. It's sort of like a gold medal at the end of anyone's day.

National American Beer Day dates
2019October 27Sunday
2020October 27Tuesday
2021October 27Wednesday
2022October 27Thursday
2023October 27Friday