International Beer Day – August 2, 2019

Fri Aug 2

Raise a glass to International Beer Day! What better way to celebrate the joy of drinking beer than to have a pint on our favorite holiday. Beer is one of the oldest man-made beverages and evidence has dated it back to the Neolithic era. This holiday is celebrated in countries all over the world on the first Friday in August and participating couldn’t be easier. So, who wants to meet at the local pub? 

International Beer Day - Survey Results


International Beer Day - History


Munich establishes Oktoberfest as an official celebration


The first beer brewed in the Americas is brewed in Virginia


Germany develops its brewing methods for lager and establishes its first brewing guild: Brauerei Beck

1600 BC

Egyptians write out medical prescriptions that include drinking beer

4300 BC

Babylonians write out recipes for beer on clay tablets

International Beer Day Activities

  1. Enjoy beer with friends

    Meet up at a pub after work to have a glass. Or if you prefer — invite a few people over and pick up a six-pack or two on the way home.

  2. Try out a new beer

    Go ahead! Try that red rye ale you've had your eye on. While you're at it, don't forget about sour Belgian, or dark chocolate oatmeal stout.

  3. Go to a beer tasting or try a flight

    Beer tastings are similar to wine tastings. They're a lot of fun and quite educational. Try a flight of beers at a local brewery to sample a real variety.

Why We Love International Beer Day

  1. Drinking beer is good for you

    Beer keeps your kidneys healthy! A Finnish study showed that each bottle of beer you drink reduces the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%.

  2. Beer tastes great

    There are so many flavors out there — you're bound to find one that you love. The major ones are as follows: Crisp, Malt, Hop, Roast, Smoke, Fruit/Aromatic, and Tart/Funky.

  3. Beer is full of vitamins

    Beer contains several B vitamins (B1, B2, B6 and B12). A Dutch study found that beer drinkers had 30 percent higher levels of vitamin B6 than their non-drinking study participants, and levels twice as high as wine drinkers. Beer is also a generous source of vitamin B12!