International Beer Day – August 7, 2020

Fri Aug 7

Beer is  one of the oldest drinks the world has ever known. International Beer Day gives fans worldwide just one more excuse to have a round on the first Friday in August. Beer has a reputation as the drink of choice for the ordinary working man or woman. When it’s served up cold and frothy or strong and slightly warm as in an English pub;  we understand why beer has captured the world’s fancy.  Whether it’s offered in  bars, beer halls, taprooms, upscale restaurants or sports stadiums — beer seems right at home just about anywhere.

Beer is a crowd-pleaser as evidenced by a quick glance at the “National Today” calendar.  There are no fewer than 11 beer-related holidays throughout the year including New Beer’s Eve (an ode to the end of prohibition) and National Beer Can Appreciation Day, an opportunity to admire beer can artwork and illustrations.  So on International Beer Day, let’s put aside our differences, toast world peace and hoist a brew on August 7. 

International Beer Day timeline


Munich establishes Oktoberfest as an official celebration


The first beer brewed in the Americas is brewed in Virginia


Germany develops its brewing methods for lager and establishes its first brewing guild: Brauerei Beck

1600 BC

Egyptians write out medical prescriptions that include drinking beer

4300 BC

Babylonians write out recipes for beer on clay tablets

International Beer Day - Survey Results

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International Beer Day Activities

  1. Go on a pub crawl with friends

    Since International Beer Day always falls on a Friday, meet up with your crew after a long, work week. Find some pubs or cool bars and get your beer on!

  2. Try a new brew

    Go ahead! Try that red rye ale you've had your eye on. While you're at it, don't forget about sour Belgian or dark chocolate oatmeal stout.

  3. Check out a beer tasting

    Beer tastings are similar to wine tastings. They're a lot of fun and quite educational. Try a flight of beers at a local brewery to sample a real variety.

Why We Love International Beer Day

  1. Beer is good for you

    Believe it or not, beer keeps your kidneys healthy! A Finnish study reportedly showed that each bottle of beer you drink reduces the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%.

  2. Beer tastes great

    There are so many flavors out there — you're bound to find one that you love. Categories include crisp, malt, hop, roast, smoke, aromatic/fruity and tart. Did we leave anything out?

  3. Vitamin B(eer)

    Beer contains several B vitamins including B1, B2, B6 and B12. These vitamins can also protect the brain and spine. Just remember, drink beer in moderation because too much of a good thing is still dangerous.