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FriMay 16

National Piercing Day – May 16, 2025

Celebrated yearly on May 16, National Piercing Day is a fun observance that focuses on the art of piercings and its intriguing history. Are you a fan of body piercings? Maybe reading more about the day will convince you to get another one!

History of National Piercing Day

The art of piercings has existed for centuries and was not always used as a fashion statement. In fact, piercings have a different meaning for people belonging to varying cultures across the globe. This is why National Piercing Day was formed — to bring the history and importance of piercings to the forefront, as well as to spread awareness regarding the numerous forms and styles of body piercings across different cultural traditions.

For example, piercings were an essential part of the Native American religion where the act was performed during the Sun Dance ceremony to encourage powerful spiritual visions. Piercings are also said to have Ayurvedic benefits and were often done to cure ailments.

It is believed that National Piercing Day originated in 2007 when a group of individuals with an interest in body piercings joined forces and declared May 16 a day where the art of piercing is to be celebrated. While the day is still not officially recognized, it is gaining popularity yearly and is celebrated by piercing lovers across the U.S. Apart from promoting the cultural value of piercings and the history attached to the practice, National Piercing Day also celebrates piercing as an art form in today’s time and the essence of it as a medium of self-expression. Numerous piercing stores and boutiques around the country also offer discounts to customers on this day.

National Piercing Day timeline

3300 B.C.
Pierced Iceman

The ears of Ötzi, a natural mummy found in the Austro-Italian Alps, are pierced 7–11 mm in diameter.

49–44 B.C.
Do as the Romans Do

Julius Caesar brings piercings into fashion.

16th century
The Elizabethan Era

A single ear piercing is seen as a sign of wealth and nobility.

1960s and 1970s
The Nonconformists

Nose piercings become a part of the punk movement in the West.

National Piercing Day FAQs

What is the most popular body piercing?

The list includes ear-, nose-, and belly-button piercings.

What is the safest piercing to do yourself?

Earlobes are the safest area for piercing.

Can an 18-year-old sign off for a piercing?

Yes, but no one under 18 can be pierced without the consent of a legal guardian.

How to Celebrate National Piercing Day

  1. Get a piercing

    There’s no better way to celebrate the day than by getting a new piercing. Lucky for you, numerous piercing stores offer discounts on May 16!

  2. Read up on piercings in different cultures

    There’s so much more to the art of piercing than we are aware of. Why not dedicate the day to finding out more about different piercing styles and stories from various cultures across the globe?

  3. Promote safe piercing

    Make flyers regarding piercing safety and distribute them around your town. Numerous young people get unsafe piercings, therefore it is essential to educate them.

5 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Piercings

  1. The Guinness record for piercings

    Elaine Davidson has 9,000 piercings.

  2. The Masai from Kenya

    Adults from the tribe have lower lip piercings that are more than 6 inches big.

  3. Earlobe piercing is common

    80% of American women have pierced ears.

  4. It can cause infection

    Lip and tongue piercings can cause oral infections including gum disease.

  5. Piercing complications

    A 1998 study revealed that 35% of piercings have complications.

Why We Love Piercings

  1. We can adorn our bodies

    Piercings give us an opportunity to decorate our bodies with different accessories. In fact, a simple outfit can be uplifted by wearing the right earrings.

  2. They are trendy

    If done in the right places, piercings can be super fashionable and can add an edginess to your overall appearance.

  3. Its an expression of body art

    For many people, piercings are a form of self-expression and art. Different areas of the body are pierced to showcase people’s individuality.

National Piercing Day dates

2025May 16Friday
2026May 16Saturday
2027May 16Sunday
2028May 16Tuesday
2029May 16Wednesday

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