Get Ready Day – September 16, 2021

ThuSep 16

Prepare yourself — because September 16 is Get Ready Day. Established in 2006 by the American Public Health Association (APHA), the goal of Get Ready Day is to arm individuals, families, and communities with knowledge that will help them cope with crises such as natural disasters, infectious diseases and pandemic illnesses. To stay prepared, attend a Get Ready Day event in your area and get yourself — and your loved ones — ready to survive any emergency situation that may come your way. You could save a life, maybe even your own!

Get Ready Day timeline

​America creates a national health service

​Dr. Stephen Smith — commissioner of New York City’s Metropolitan Health Board — creates the American Public Health Association.

​APHA supports WHO

​Due to intense support from the American Public Health Association, the United Nations establishes the World Health Organization.

The President recognizes the importance of public health

President Bill Clinton declares the first week of April National Public Health Week.

​APHA finds a home

​The headquarters for APHA is built in Washington, D.C.

Getting the public ready

​As a means to arm the public with the resources to best handle dangerous situations, APHA launches the Get Ready campaign.

How to Observe Get Ready Day

  1. Get involved

    Coordinate an after-school fair involving people of all ages. Want to spread the message to the senior citizens in your community? Schedule a preparedness talk at your local senior center.

  2. Prepare

    Get Ready Day is a great reminder to stock up on the supplies that will prepare you to cope with a crisis. Snag good deals by shopping online for whatever you think you'll need to get through the challenge. Canned foods and other food items with a long shelf life, batteries, flashlights and face masks are just a few ideas.

  3. Spread APHA's message

    You can help APHA get survival tips and tricks out to your community by setting up a table at your local supermarket and handing out preparedness fliers. Post materials at local churches and coffee shops. Ask the church secretary to include Get Ready Day information in the weekly church bulletin.

​​​4 "Ah Ha!" APHA Moments

  1. APHA fought one of the deadliest diseases in U.S. history

    APHA played a large role in fighting the tuberculosis outbreak that occurred from 1895-1954.

  2. Mosquitoes pose a health risk

    ​Walter Reed, a U.S. Army physician, announces that mosquitoes carry yellow fever at the 1990 APHA Annual Meeting.

  3. The polio vaccine

    ​Jonas Salk, a member of APHA, creates the Salk vaccine as a way to treat polio.

  4. ​The AIDS crisis

    ​APHA testified at the first congressional hearing held to discuss the AIDS epidemic.

Why Get Ready Day is Important

  1. It teaches us out how cope with a crisis

    Get Ready Day’s preparedness information is educational and beneficial, so Americans can learn the best strategies to prepare for — and cope with — disastrous situations. With online toolkits, social media resources and local events, Get Ready Day’s information is easy to access, so make sure you take advantage, read up and follow through.

  2. It encourages us to keep our cool

    Dangerous, unexpected situations are nerve-wracking, stressful and unsettling, but thanks to Get Ready Day, we can stay a little calmer. Because of all the helpful information that circulates on Get Ready Day, we can chill out knowing we have the supplies and knowledge to better handle emergencies.

  3. It puts health and safety at the top of our list

    Get Ready Day is all about making sure we know how to best respond to any emergency situation. Not only does this help us feel equipped to deal with unsafe circumstances, but it also confirms that APHA cares about our survival.

Get Ready Day dates

2021September 16Thursday
2022September 15Thursday
2023September 21Thursday
2024September 19Thursday
2025September 18Thursday