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SatSep 16

National Play-Doh Day – September 16, 2023

National Play-Doh Day is celebrated on September 16 every year. This day is dedicated to everyone’s favorite childhood plaything — Play-Doh! Calling all of Play-Doh’s former and current enthusiasts to remember the small, yellow box of vibrant, squishy fun.

History of National Play-Doh Day

Play-Doh is one of the most popular and widely used children’s playthings in the world. However, it wasn’t originally meant to be for children. It was supposed to be a wallpaper cleaner!

It all started back in 1933 when Cleo McVicker and his brother Noah developed a non-toxic, malleable formula for wallpaper cleaner for Kutol Products in Cincinnati, Ohio. After World War II, many houses converted to oil and gas-based furnaces, eliminating the need for wallpaper cleaners. When Cleo McVicker passed away, his son Joseph took over and struggled to keep the business afloat as the demand kept plummeting.

It was in 1955 that Kay Zufall, a school teacher, and McVicker’s sister-in-law, suggested marketing and selling the product as arts and crafts and playthings. She showed him the art created by her students by molding this clay and convinced him to sell the product through a new lens. McVicker began selling Play-Doh to elementary kids under the name of Rainbow Crafts Company Inc., a subsidiary of Kutol Products. What made Play-Doh an overnight sensation, though, was the fact that Bob Keeshan — also known as Captain Kangaroo, showcased the product on the most popular children’s television show once a week. Sales skyrocketed for Play-Doh making it a household name and the rest is history! What started as a simple wallpaper cleaner now came in multiple colors with its own accessories and was soon acquired by Hasbro, which sells the product to this day.

National Play-Doh Day timeline

Play-Doh the Wallpaper Cleaner

Cleo and Noah McVicker create the formula for a non-toxic wallpaper cleaner.

Play-Doh Meets the Kids

Kay Zufall and Joe McVicker realize the potential of Play-Doh for kids’ crafts and playtime.

Play-Doh Becomes a TV Celebrity

Bob Keeshan promotes Play-Doh on his popular children’s TV show, “Captain Kangaroo,” and helps sales soar.

Hasbro Takes Over

As the product keeps growing, Hasbro takes over Play-Doh and helps it become the go-to play toy that it is today.


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