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MonSep 16

Trail of Tears Commemoration Day – September 16, 2024

Trail of Tears Commemoration Day, on September 16, is a day that is as tragic as it sounds. It marks an atrocious event in history where Cherokees and other Native Americans were forced out of their homes and sent to live in a region assigned by the government. During this journey, conducted on foot, many people died in a ghastly manner, remembered by their predecessors until today. Hence, the day makes it impossible for us to forget all the people who suffered during that dark time in American history.

History of Trail of Tears Commemoration Day

Trail of Tears Commemoration Day marks the bloodshed faced by the Native Americans forced to leave their land. It all started with the Indian Removal Act, which President Andrew Jackson made legal on May 28, 1830. The act aimed to give the president the power to exchange Indian lands with some lands west of Mississippi. While some tribes tired of fighting decided to leave in peace, others resisted. They did not want to leave their homes to settle in a new place.

The resistance led to negotiations that became a formula for a disaster, much because the government had no success in making a deal with the Cherokee tribe. Instead, Major Ridge, John Ridge, Elias Boudinot, and Andrew Ross spoke on behalf of the tribe and authorized a forceful move.

By 1836, the State of Georgia had limited the rights of Cherokee, providing them with few resources to lead a peaceful life. In 1837, the move to push out the tribe started, leading to bloodshed. Since the government forced them out in a rush, they did not have time to prepare for the journey. 18,000 Cherokees and many thousands of other Native Americans walked towards their death as they died of hunger and exhaustion. Children, men, and women were also kept in concentration camps with inhumane living conditions. Many passed away due to diseases, and it is said that no elder over 60 and no child under six survived. The “Trail of Tears Walk” aims to memorialize that horrific tragedy.

Trail of Tears Commemoration Day timeline

The Dwelling

The Five Civilized Tribes begin to live in the South of America.

Losing Homes

46,000 Indians from the southeastern states are removed from their homes.

The Shift

General Winfield Scott begins to remove Cherokee.

Mourning Losses

The Cherokee nation commemorates 175 years since the Trail of Tears.

Trail of Tears Commemoration Day FAQs

Is there a holiday for the Trail of Tears?

Yes. It is considered a Cherokee National Holiday.

How long was the Trail of Tears in days?

The journey was of 25 days.

What was the cause of the Trail of Tears?

Lack of preparation by the U.S government was the cause behind the tragedy.

How to Observe Trail of Tears Commemoration Day

  1. Visit a museum

    To observe the day, visit a museum to understand the exact details of the day, the decision that led to the death of the Native Americans, as well as the aftermath. It is important to remember the history of your homeland.

  2. Enrich people with the history of the day

    On this day, you can either give a lecture at a school if you are well-versed with the history of the U.S., or hold an online seminar. The motive is to educate people regarding the tragic event.

  3. Write a poem for those who died

    The events that took place will always be remembered by those who lost family members. It would be a moving gesture to write a poem as a tribute to those who passed away.

5 Facts About Native Americans

  1. The Sequoia tree

    It is named in honor of the Cherokee leader, Sequoyah.

  2. Origins of the term ‘Indian’

    The word was formed by Christopher Columbus.

  3. Toothbrushes of Native Americans

    They were made using the hair of porcupines.

  4. The history of the Mohawk hairstyle

    It is named after the Mohawk tribe.

  5. Eradication of Native cultures

    This was done by both the U.S. and Canada.

Why Trail of Tears Commemoration Day is Important

  1. It speaks of the sufferings of Native Americans

    We love the day because it tells us about the history of the U.S, and the sufferings and bloodshed faced by the Native Americans. It allows everyone to grieve and ensure such acts are not repeated.

  2. It narrates what war can do

    The commemoration day is important since it tells us about the tragedy that is brought upon a country due to war. It also shows us why it must be avoided at all costs.

  3. It increases acceptance of different ethnicities and cultures

    The day occurred in history because the Native Americans were different and considered less educated. Remembering the bloodshed teaches us not to discriminate based on culture and ethnicities.

Trail of Tears Commemoration Day dates

2024September 16Monday
2025September 16Tuesday
2026September 16Wednesday
2027September 16Thursday
2028September 16Saturday

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