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MonSep 16

World Barber Day – September 16, 2024

World Barber Day is celebrated on September 16 every year, join this celebration if you enjoy making others look beautiful! Did you know barbers in the Middle Ages were not only skilled at haircuts and wet shaves, but also at pulling teeth, dressing wounds, and performing operations! These ‘barber surgeons’ were known for much more than just styling men’s hair. They even founded the first barbers’ organization in France in 1096. World Barber Day celebrates this sense of community — it’s a demonstration of how ‘ordinary’ barbers can contribute to extraordinary differences. World Barber Day emphasizes how — in just one week — every barber can make a real and significant difference in the world.

History of World Barber Day

Barbers used to be the most talented men in their tribes, and they generally specialized in more than one discipline. People were quite superstitious about haircuts and shaving back then because they thought that bad spirits entered the body through the hair. Only the most trustworthy individuals were entrusted with the task of barbering, which was usually the priest or the clan leader.

In recent years, there has been a growing appreciation for the unique role that barbers play in assisting people with their mental health. One such example is a non-profit venture in which a salon doubles up as a meeting place for men of color to discuss their issues. A similar program is taking shape in the U.K., where the N.H.S., the country’s public health service, announced a 2020 initiative to provide mental health first aid training to barbers. Barbers have been practicing their trade for thousands of years, but it is only recently that barbers have gained recognition for their contribution to humanity.

Booksy, which supports thousands of barbers, took advantage of the chance to commemorate a day when customers and barbers get together to contribute money for various social causes. Barbers are often self-sufficient, driven entrepreneurs that work relentlessly to keep their clients happy. It’s a lot to handle, so Booksy created World Barber Day to remind barbers that taking a day off, taking some time for themselves, and talking about their difficulties are perfectly acceptable. Aside from acting as a therapist for their consumers, they can also choose to donate together to help a social cause.

World Barber Day timeline

The Century’s Famous Barber

Ambroise Paré (1510 to 1590) is a famous barber from the time when barbers cut hair and performed surgeries.

The Bill Defining Barbers’ Roles

A bill prohibiting barbers from performing surgical procedures is passed.

Going to the Salon Was Cheap

Customers are charged around three cents for a shave and five to 12 cents for a haircut, and all of the equipment needed to outfit a barbershop costs around $20.

The Barber Hall of Fame

In 1965, A.B. Moler is inducted into the Barber Hall of Fame.

World Barber Day FAQs

Why are barbers called barbers?

The word ‘barber’ is derived from the Roman (Latin) word ‘barba,’ which means ‘beard.’

Who was the world's first barber?

Egyptians performed the first barbering services in 5000 B.C. using instruments made from oyster shells or sharpened flint.

Who is the wealthiest barber?

Ramesh Babu, the billionaire barber who owns a Rolls Royce as well as 400 other luxury vehicles.

World Barber Day Activities

  1. Assist students in training to become barbers

    Professional barbers can reach out to aspiring students. Help them to prepare for state licensure, or assist those who are reappearing for their exams.

  2. Throw a salon-themed party for your friends

    Throw a bash where your friends can relax in a spa-like setting. Get them pedicured as you catch up on the latest gossip in the town!

  3. Attend networking events to expand your business

    Share your industry knowledge with others and learn from them as well. Spend time networking in order to grow your business.

5 Intriguing Facts About Barber’s Das

  1. It was a hang-out joint in Rome

    In ancient Rome, men used to catch up on the news and rumors while getting a haircut.

  2. The pole outside barber shops

    The classic striped barber pole that’s normally outside real barbershops is a result of the barber's second job as a surgeon and it depicts barbers hanging bloody bandages to dry on a pole.

  3. Enema surgeries were performed by barbers

    This does not appear to be sanitary but some places used to require regular grooming as an unwritten/written law.

  4. Barbers competed with surgeons

    Until the 1800s, barbers competed with surgeons for jobs until science caught up and more complex surgeries required expert knowledge of biology.

  5. It’s among the oldest professions

    Barbering as a practice is nearly 6,000 years old and one can even find old blades as relics in museums.

Why We Love World Barber Day

  1. You get to be your boss

    Barbering gives you various options. You can work for a company, rent a chair in a salon, work as a mobile barber, or start your own business.

  2. It promotes creativity

    Barbering provides you with a platform to showcase your artistic side. You can also use social media to promote your artistic work, allowing you to become a trendsetter.

  3. The barber is always instrumental to community life

    Every state strives to do good for its community. The local barber will always know what’s needed and how to fix the community’s woes.

World Barber Day dates

2024September 16Monday
2025September 16Tuesday
2026September 16Wednesday
2027September 16Thursday
2028September 16Saturday

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