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European Mobility Week – September 16-22, 2024

European Mobility Week falls between September 16—22 every year. It was established in 2002 by the European Commission as a campaign to raise awareness about sustainable and convenient movement within cities. It aims to promote changes in behavior that lead to more people using public transport, active mobility, and other clean, smart transportation options. The week ends with the popular Car-Free Day. During the week, authorities use the time to measure air quality, promote new technologies and infrastructure, and get feedback from people in the cities. The campaign serves as a driving force toward clean and sustainable mobility in Europe.

History of European Mobility Week

Since 2002, European Mobility Week has been celebrated annually. It is a European Commission initiative to promote sustainable urban mobility. It requires cities and towns in Europe to dedicate a week to clean and sustainable movement. A theme is selected every year. This Commission has declared 2022 to be the European Year of Youth. Several traffic-related events take place during the week. Streets are temporarily closed to cars but accessible by walking or cycling. In 2021, there were 53 countries signed up and 3,284 cities and towns.

The holiday aims to promote a more healthy lifestyle. The human body needs to move to stay fit and healthy. Due to the nature of today’s work and lifestyle, most people don’t move as much as they should. They may struggle to find the time or opportunity to engage in physical activities. A sedentary lifestyle of sitting in traffic, on a couch in front of the T.V., or working at a desk can be detrimental to human health.

Sustainable mobility gives people the opportunity to add exercise to their daily routines. It also helps to save money by offering cheaper transportation options. Active means of transportation such as walking and cycling help protect the environment. They do not produce harmful emissions. Cities, where more people prefer walking and cycling to private cars, generally afford a better quality of life. These cities are considered more attractive and less congested. Their residents tend to be healthier, happier, and more relaxed. European Mobility week promotes clean and sustainable transportation and all its benefits for society.

European Mobility Week timeline

European Mobility Week is Established

The European Commission sets up the holiday to promote sustainable mobility.

The First Mobility Week is Held

The holiday takes place for the first time and authorities begin work towards better urban transportation.

Cities Select Themes

European cities select themes and initiatives to achieve their desired transportation goals.

Many Cities Participate

The week becomes popular with 44 countries and 1,820 cities participating.

European Mobility Week FAQs

What is the mobility industry?

The mobility industry refers to the industries that supply the infrastructure and vehicles needed for transportation. This included automotive, water, and air transportation.

What is the future of mobility?

The future of mobility needs to be sustainable. Trends will include electrification, modality, and active transportation.

Does E.M.W. make a difference?

The holiday is used as an opportunity to tackle mobility issues in cities. It solves problems and creates awareness of the best transportation options.

How to Observe European Mobility Week

  1. Repair old bicycles

    You can celebrate the week by finding old and abandoned bicycles and restoring them. They can be donated to people who can’t afford to buy new bicycles.

  2. Use clean transportation

    Use options such as electric bicycles and hydrogen or electric cars. These are safer for the environment.

  3. Learn more about climate change

    Find out more information about climate change and how it affects life today. A better understanding will help you make the best decisions.

5 Facts About Sustainable Mobility

  1. Creates a safer environment for kids

    With more adoption of alternative transportation, authorities are required to make these options safe for children.

  2. Parking spaces are turned to parklets

    In Germany, many car parking spaces were turned into parklets where residents can socialize.

  3. Workshops educate kids

    Workshops are designed to encourage kids to choose more sustainable modes of transportation.

  4. Safe cycling is encouraged

    The holiday allows authorities to look into the safety of cycling within their cities.

  5. It creates awareness

    More people become interested in ways to help preserve the environment while staying healthy.

Why European Mobility Week is Important

  1. It promotes a healthy lifestyle

    Sustainable transportation encourages a more active lifestyle which helps residents stay healthy. They can enjoy fresher air and a calmer environment.

  2. It helps residents save money

    Alternative means of transportation offer residents cheaper options to move around. They would spend less on fueling individual cars.

  3. It protects the environment

    Supporting sustainable mobility helps protect the environment from harmful emissions, resulting in cleaner air and less noise for everyone.

European Mobility Week dates

2024September 16Monday
2025September 16Tuesday
2026September 16Wednesday
2027September 16Thursday
2028September 16Saturday

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