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FriMay 16

Ride a Unicycle Day – May 16, 2025

Ride a Unicycle Day is celebrated on May 16 in the United States every year. It is a fun holiday meant to encourage more people to try the unicycle, an unconventional means of transportation. It is a ground vehicle that moves using only one wheel. Unicycles are usually used professionally by performers in circuses or festivals. Unicycles are used in sports such as unicycle hockey. They are also used in an activity similar to mountain biking or trials called mountain unicycling. Ride a Unicycle Day gets more people to learn how to ride this one-wheeled vehicle.

History of Ride a Unicycle Day

Ride a Unicycle Day falls on May 16 every year in the United States. A unicycle is a vehicle that only has one wheel and is propelled by pedals. In 1869, Frederick Myers published the U.S. patents for single-wheeled velocipedes. Some extreme sportsmen took an interest in the unicycle during the late 1980s. They modified it to engage in off-road or mountain unicycling, street unicycling, and trials unicycling. Unicycles have basic parts including wheels, pedals, cranks, forks, and the saddle just like other pedal-powered vehicles like bicycles, tricycles, and quadricycles. Unicycles lack stability without a rider. A proficient unicyclist is usually more stable than a similarly proficient bicycle rider. This is because the wheel of the unicycle is not constrained by the linear axis of a frame. Most unicycles lack brakes, gears, and the ability to freewheel.

Unicycles seem difficult and dangerous to ride, so most people don’t attempt to learn how to ride them. However, getting a head injury while using a unicycle is significantly less likely compared to when you are riding a bicycle. Ride a Unicycle Day helps to spread information about the vehicle and lets people know that they can learn how to ride it easily. Getting more people to try unicycles lets society know that the vehicle is not only for performers or special hobbyists. Riding them is a fun and easy way to get around, while still getting some exercise.

Ride a Unicycle Day timeline

Unicycles are Patented

Frederick Myers publishes the U.S. patents for one-wheeled vehicles.

1976 — 1978
A Unicycle Goes Around the World

Wobbling Wally Watts rides a unicycle around the world.

A Biannual Global Unicycling Competition Begins

Unicyclists around the world meet twice a year at the International Unicycling Convention to meet and compete.

2015 — 2018
A YouTube Unicycler Circumnavigates the Globe

A British unicyclist named Ed Pratt rides around the globe on a unicycle and documents it online.

Ride a Unicycle Day FAQs

Are there different types of unicycles?

There are different types of unicycles, including freestyle unicycles, trial unicycles, mountain unicycles, and touring unicycles.

What is the benefit of using unicycles?

Unicycles do not produce carbon emissions, so using them is good for the environment.

Are there high-end unicycles?

There are high-end unicycles that cost between $1,500 to $2,500.

Ride a Unicycle Day Activities

  1. Ride a unicycle

    You can take part in the holiday by riding a unicycle. If you already know how to ride one, use it as your means of transportation today.

  2. Learn how to ride

    You can learn how to ride a unicycle. You’ll be happy to acquire a new skill.

  3. Share the holiday

    Share the holiday with your friends and family. You can do this in person or online.

5 Fun Facts About Unicycles

  1. Many people know how to ride unicycles

    In the United States, about a million people know how to ride unicycles.

  2. People use unicycles regularly

    About 400,000 people in the U.S. use their unicycles regularly.

  3. Unicycles can be very tall

    The tallest unicycle in the world is 144.9 feet tall.

  4. The tallest unicycle has been ridden before

    Sem Abrahams rode the tallest unicycle for 28 feet.

  5. There is a unicycle sprint record

    The 328-foot unicycle sprint record is held by Peter Rosendahl.

Why We Love Ride a Unicycle Day

  1. Unicycles are unique

    Unicycles are a unique form of transportation that makes their riders stand out. People will definitely turn their heads when they see you out on the road.

  2. They are safe

    Riding a unicycle is a safe way to get from one place to another. It’s safe for the environment, too!

  3. They are inexpensive

    Unicycles are not an expensive means of transportation. By using one, you can avoid spending a lot on fuel and maintenance.

Ride a Unicycle Day dates

2025May 16Friday
2026May 16Saturday
2027May 16Sunday
2028May 16Tuesday
2029May 16Wednesday

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