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Nickel Day – May 16, 2024

Nickel Day is celebrated every year on May 16. It is a day used to appreciate the transition metal — nickel — that has an atomic number of 28. It is in the fourth period/row of the periodic table of elements. Although nickel is an important component of the human body, too much of it can be harmful. Nickel infection can be contracted by inhaling infected air or ingesting polluted water. It can also occur as a result of consuming certain foods or smoking cigarettes. Excessive consumption of nickel can lead to prostate cancer, lung cancer, laryngeal cancer, and nose cancer.

History of Nickel Day

Nickel Day is an opportunity for us to recognize and learn more about the element called ‘NIckel.’ Nickel is a metal that can be found in many everyday items. It can be dated back more than 2,000 years as it has been found in metallic artifacts from that time. The Swedish chemist — Axel Cronstedt — was the first to identify and isolate nickel as an element. This took place in 1751. Nickel is a ductile metal that is hard, malleable, and silvery-white. It is well-known for being an excellent heat and electrical conductor. Nickel is bivalent because it has a valency of two. It’s a metal that takes a long time to dissolve in dilute acids.

Coins of the United States of America were manufactured with nickel alloyed with copper by 1857. Switzerland began using pure nickel to manufacture coins in 1881. After years of coin scarcity, nickels flooded the market. Around 30 million nickels were printed between 1867 and 1868, according to records. Even when dimes and quarters became more popular, nickels remained the most practical coin. Coca-Cola beverages cost a cent when they first hit the market in 1886 and for 73 years, they stayed at that affordable price.

Nickels became even more prevalent when vending machines, jukeboxes, and slot machines became popular. In the 20th century, nickels were the ideal denomination for these machines. The culture of America has been built around the Nickel and has been used in different areas of everyday life.

Nickel Day timeline

Nickel is Identified

Axel Cronstedt — a Swedish chemist —identifies and isolates the element.

U.S. Coins are Made With Nickel

Nickel alloyed with copper is used to make coins in America.

Switzerland Makes Coins With Nickels

Switzerland begins using pure nickel to make coins.

Coke Sells For a Nickel

In the U.S, bottles of Coca-Cola' are sold for a nickel.

Nickel Day FAQs

Is nickel toxic?

Nickel is considered to be a radioactive metal. At high levels of exposure, it can be toxic and harmful to life.

What makes Nickel toxic?

Nickel contains a compound known as 99Tc. The isotope can be contaminative in nature and hazardous to life.

How do you safely use nickel?

When handling the chemical, it is best to wear safety gloves.

Nickel Day Activities

  1. Spend a nickel

    You can participate in the holiday by spending a nickel. Find something that you can buy with the coin.

  2. Learn more about nickels

    This is a good time to learn more about the element. You can learn how to use it in a variety of ways.

  3. Give someone a nickel

    You can make someone smile by giving them a nickel. Everyone loves receiving money.

5 Uses Of Nickel That You Didn't Know About

  1. Money

    Nickel is used to make coins we spend as money.

  2. Wires

    Nickel is used for making and can be found in many wires.

  3. It gets hot

    Nickel is considered to be a good conductor of electricity and heat.

  4. Rockets

    Nickel is used in rocket engines because it can resist corrosion even at high temperatures.

  5. Boats

    Nickel is often used in the propeller shaft of boats to avoid corrosion by seawater.

Why We Love Nickel Day

  1. Made to make nails

    Nickel is used to make alloys which can be used to make nails, armor plating, or pipes. These are things that are used daily.

  2. It doesn’t melt easily

    The melting point of nickel is 2647 °F and its boiling point is 5275 °F. Cool isn't it? We are sure you didn't know that.

  3. It has many uses

    Nickel is useful and can be used to make a variety of items. Nickel also improves an alloy's corrosion resistance and capacity to endure severe temperatures, allowing equipment and parts constructed of nickel-bearing alloys to be used in hazardous environments.

Nickel Day dates

2024May 16Thursday
2025May 16Friday
2026May 16Saturday
2027May 16Sunday
2028May 16Tuesday

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