National Cheese Pizza Day – September 5, 2020

Sat Sep 5

Hold the toppings, please! National Cheese Pizza Day is celebrated annually on September 5 and who says you have to be fancy to be good?  Granted, there’s pizza with pineapple, barbecued chicken pizza and the old standbys, pizza with anchovies or salami. But nothing surpasses the basics of holding a gently folded, single slice of melty deliciousness — the cheese pizza.

Each year, more than 2 billion pounds of pizza cheese is produced in the U.S. alone. So on this special day, savor a classic slice of ooey gooey cheese pizza  for yourself and share a slice or two with some of your very best friends. 

National Cheese Pizza Day Activities

  1. Pizza party!

    In this crazy world, if one thing is certain, it's that everyone loves a slice of hot, steaming pizza. Invite some of your best pizza-lovin' friends over to celebrate this special holiday!

  2. Get your hands on the best cheese pizza

    They all might be delicious, but one of them has to be the crème de la crème. Maybe New York has it? Chicago? Ask your friends, ask your nearby Italian restaurant owner, or ask Yelp to start your quest on obtaining the best slice of cheese pizza glory right now!

  3. Find a pizza museum near you

    Pizza so good it belongs in a museum? You heard it right. The United State Pizza Museum is located in Chicago, and another pizza museum — Pizza Brain, operates in Philadelphia. See if there's a similar pizza palace or point of pizza interest near you!

Why We Love National Cheese Pizza Day

  1. It's not good or healthy for you

    We live in a time when health-conscious food options crop up every day. That's great — healthy food options certainly have their importance — but sometimes you just want to grab something filled with grease and cheese. Hello, cheese pizza!

  2. Cheese is universal

    Cheese is universal, cheese is magical — there are so many varieties, each one more sensual than the last. As a meal, cheese pizza epitomizes the classic everyday pizza for the everyday person. What's not to love about cheese pizza, and National Cheese Pizza Day?

  3. It’s a great meal on-the-go

    While some people love sitting down and taking their time to enjoy a snack, some just simply have a fast-paced lifestyle. For those people always on the go, a slice of that cheese pizza is always a great idea. Plus, you can fold it into a taco-like shape for maximum pleasure.

National Cheese Pizza Day dates
2020September 5Saturday
2021September 5Sunday
2022September 5Monday
2023September 5Tuesday
2024September 5Thursday