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National Actdumb. Day – September 5, 2024

National Actdumb. Day takes place on September 5 every year. It’s a positive way of celebrating and appreciating those often marginalized or mocked because they are different. Those who participate on this day show their support and acceptance of others’ uniqueness. It’s also an opportunity to show your support for other people’s fun and fantastic things! From new hairstyles to unique sports, National Actdumb. Day encourages people to celebrate what makes someone different – without mocking or judging other people based on their differences.

History of National Actdumb. Day

Today is a holiday that many of you may not be familiar with, but it’s one we should all celebrate. Today is National Actdumb. Day. This day celebrates those people who have difficulty performing the simplest or most mundane tasks or are ostracized for their actions and beliefs. It is celebrated as the day when people who are considered different, alienated, or shunned for their differences come together to share in a collective voice. It’s a day when we celebrate and appreciate those who see things differently than the majority.

The day was submitted as a holiday in May 2020 by Actdumb. as a counterpoint to the increasing insensitivity to others with mental disabilities that were becoming more and more prevalent in media. Actdumb. feared that they would find themselves silenced or ridiculed again, and felt they deserved better than that. Maybe it doesn’t sound like a national holiday on paper, but this has been celebrated for years. Many of us would think, how did we get from celebrating the holiday to talking about what historically inspired it? It’s pretty simple. When you start looking at the history of people with disabilities and how they’ve been treated over time, things get pretty sad and disheartening.

We could go as far back as colonial times when people were categorized as lunatics if they exhibited signs of a disability. After that, individuals with disabilities were ostracized because it was believed they weren’t capable of doing certain things and needed to be separated from society. But more recently, instead of segregating them and throwing them into institutions, the community decided to make fun of those with disabilities and treat them like they are lesser humans than us.

National Actdumb. Day timeline

1849 to 1950
The Century of Racial Segregation

During this time period, the law is applied in segregating black Americans from whites in terms of transportation, education, and careers, among others.

Racism in the U.S. is Condemned

Racism becomes increasingly abhorred in the U.S under the civil rights movement as people speak up against discrimination.

Civil Rights Movements Turn to Disabilities

The disability rights movement gains strength in the civil rights movement when disability advocates joined the fight for equal treatment and equal access for minority groups.

May 2020
National Actdumb. Day

The day is submitted as a counterpoint to the increasing insensitivity in the media to people with mental disabilities.

National Actdumb. Day FAQs

When was the Disability Discrimination Act instituted?

This was passed and became law on November 8, 1995.

How are some examples of discrimination?

These include gender discrimination, religious discrimination, racial discrimination, and ethnic discrimination among others.

What effect does discrimination have on someone?

The stress that comes from experiencing discrimination has been linked to mental health issues. It can be a trigger to challenges such as anxiety and depression.

How to Observe National Actdumb. Day

  1. Make a list

    Make a list of everything that makes you unique. This could include your favorite color to your favorite song.

  2. Send a letter

    Think back on all the people who made fun of you or teased you because they thought something was weird about you. Write them letters thanking them for making you stronger.

  3. Discuss it

    Get together with friends who share your interests. Get talking about how much worse everything was when there wasn't as much diversity as there is now.

5 Facts About Discrimination You Should Know

  1. It occurs in every sector

    Discrimination occurs in every sector of society — including education, housing, and employment.

  2. It is a worldwide phenomenon

    Discrimination is defined as mistreating someone because they belong to a certain group or category, like race, gender, disability, and sexuality and it happens all over the world.

  3. It can be harmful to your health

    Discrimination is often stress-inducing and as this increases, it leaves the body susceptible to disease.

  4. Women discriminated in the workplace

    A survey of over one million employees found that women earn 79% less than what men earn for equal work done.

  5. It is illegal

    Despite being prevalent all over the world, discrimination is illegal in almost all nations of the world.

Why National Actdumb. Day is Important

  1. It educates us

    It teaches us that no matter what background we come from, we all have things in common. We get to share our hopes, dreams, fears, and failures as human beings.

  2. It makes us stronger

    It is important to celebrate diversity because it makes our country great. Our differences make us stronger as a nation and help us grow by learning from each other.

  3. It teaches us compassion

    It reminds us that people want us to listen without judgment about their life experiences and choices. We should do so, even if those choices don't make sense to us.

National Actdumb. Day dates

2024September 5Thursday
2025September 5Friday
2026September 5Saturday
2027September 5Sunday
2028September 5Tuesday

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