Nothing makes a day flow, or the night more lively, then listening to music.  With 27 different music related holidays, you can join in and celebrate a famous musician’s birthday, like Bob Marley’s on February 26, or just give thanks to musical friend with Hug A Musician Day on November 13. Musical holidays are there to remind us to never let that tune in your head or rhythm in your step go unexpressed.

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National Music in Our Schools Month,
International Guitar Month, ,
Jazz Appreciation Month
Black Music Month - June, ,
Jan 8 Saturday
Elvis Presley’s Birthday,
Jan 20 Thursday
National DJ Day,
Jan 28 Friday
National Kazoo Day,
Feb 2 Wednesday
National Ukulele Day,
Feb 6 Sunday
Bob Marley's Birthday,
Feb 11 Friday
National Guitar Day
Feb 20 Sunday
Rihanna’s Birthday, ,
Mar 1 Tuesday
Justin Bieber's Birthday, ,
Mar 28 Monday
Lady Gaga's Birthday,
Apr 11 Monday
National Barbershop Quartet Day,
National Eight Track Tape Day,
Apr 30 Saturday
International Jazz Day,
May 22 Saturday
Buy A Musical Instrument Day, ,
Jun 7 Monday
Prince’s Birthday, , ,
Jun 16 Wednesday
Tupac's Birthday, , ,
Jun 21 Monday
World Day of Music,
Jun 25 Friday
Global Beatles Day, ,
Jul 18 Sunday
World Listening Day, , ,
Jul 22 Thursday
Selena Gomez's Birthday, , ,
Aug 12 Thursday
National Vinyl Record Day
Sep 4 Saturday
Beyoncé’s Birthday,
Sep 17 Friday
Oct 10 Sunday
National Hug a Drummer Day, ,
Oct 11 Monday
Cardi B's Birthday,
Oct 17 Sunday
Eminem's Birthday, ,
Oct 24 Sunday
Drake's Birthday,
Oct 25 Monday
Katy Perry's Birthday,
Nov 6 Saturday
National Saxophone Day,
Nov 11 Thursday
National Metal Day, ,
Nov 13 Saturday
National Hug a Musician Day,
Nov 15 Monday
National Drummer Day, ,
Dec 4 Saturday
Jay-Z’s Birthday, ,
Dec 13 Monday
National Violin Day,
Taylor Swift’s Birthday,
Dec 19 Sunday
National Emo Day, , ,
Dec 20 Monday
Go Caroling Day, ,