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TueJan 21

Mariachi Day – January 21, 2025

Mariachi day is celebrated in Mexico and all around the world on January 21 to salute mariachi music. Mariachi is a music genre that dates back to the 19th century. It is a genre of regional Mexican folk music with origins in several regions of western Mexico. In Mexico, mariachis are extremely popular at social events such as weddings and birthday parties. It is mostly associated with Mexico, but mariachi music has also become popular across many regions of Latin America and beyond, and its groups can be found in major cities in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

History of Mariachi Day

Mariachi is native to the region of western Mexico. Mariachi music developed as a result of the cultural and musical blending of foreign and indigenous music. The earliest documentation of mariachi appears in a letter which was written by priest Cosme Santa Anna in 1852. During the second half of the 19th century, central-western Mexico was associated with rural fiesta or ‘fandango’ or a form of dance in which couples dance. Early mariachis used to wear peasant garb. It was only after the revolution of 1910 that they could afford to dress elegantly. They decided to dress in the suit which consisted of tightly-fitted ornamented pants, a short jacket, embroidered belt, boots, wide bow tie, and sombrero — and it was once the attire of wealthy hacienda owners.

Even though mariachis had performed official functions before, they became a symbol of nationalism after the Revolution of 1910. Since Alvaro Obregón’s administration (1920 to 1924), Mexican presidents have used mariachi music for political events. In 2011, mariachi became known as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Mariachi bands are diverse. The players take turns in leading the singing. The origin of the name is unsure, with some thinking it may be a form of the French word for marriage. Mariachi was introduced to the capital in 1905. It is played as far afield as Japan now and is no longer the sole preserve of Mexico. In Los Angeles, there is an 89-piece mariachi band that has shows. It is a popular form of music in movies such as “Desperado” with Antonia Banderas and the 2017 Disney movie, “Coco.”

Mariachi Day timeline

The Earliest Documentation of Mariachi

The earliest mention of mariachi is found in Cosme Santa Anna’s letter.

Mariachi Becomes a Symbol of Nationalism

After the Revolution of 1910, mariachi becomes the symbol of nationalism.

Urbanization of Mariachis

Gradually, the urbanization of mariachis happens in the 1930s, and it is generally associated with post-revolutionary Mexico City.

Mariachi an Intangible Cultural Heritage

UNESCO declares mariachi as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2011.

Mariachi Day FAQs

What is the mariachi outfit called?

The outfit worn by mariachis is called ‘charro’ or charro outfit.

Who are the famous mariachi musicians?

Vicente Fernandez, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Rocio Durcal, and Pepe Aguilar are considered the most famous mariachi musicians.

Which is the most common mariachi song?

‘Las Mananitas’ is the most common mariachi song.

Mariachi Day Activities

  1. Play some mariachi music

    The best way to celebrate Mariachi Day is to play some mariachi music! Get lost in the groove of the music and enjoy yourself.

  2. Attend a mariachi music event

    Go get your friends and enjoy a mariachi music event. It will be an unmatched event and a great cultural experience.

  3. Learn to play mariachi music

    Feeling adventurous? Why not learn something new? Try learning how to play mariachi music.

5 Interesting Facts About Mariachi

  1. Mariachis don’t have lead singers

    They assign people different roles for different songs.

  2. Mariachi music and the Roman Catholic Church

    Mariachi music has been incorporated into the Roman Catholic Church’s sacred ritual of mass.

  3. The size of a mariachi group changes

    The size of the group changes as per the need, but it typically consists of eight violins, two trumpets, and one lead guitar.

  4. Mariachi groups consisted of only men

    Historically, only men used to be part of the mariachi group, but now even women join groups.

  5. Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan

    Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan is one of the oldest mariachi in Mexico's history.

Why We Love Mariachi Day

  1. It celebrates culture

    Mariachi day is a celebration of very old culture in Mexico. It is a day to celebrate this inheritance.

  2. It is a celebration of music

    Above anything else, it is a celebration of music. Music is a balm to the soul and can melt even the most hardened people.

  3. It is a nation’s pride

    Mariachi is a symbol of nationalism. It is the pride of Mexico, and so it becomes a day to celebrate Mexico.

Mariachi Day dates

2025January 21Tuesday
2026January 21Wednesday
2027January 21Thursday
2028January 21Friday
2029January 21Sunday

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