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National Cheesy Socks Day
TueJan 21

National Cheesy Socks Day – January 21, 2025

National Cheesy Socks Day on January 21 every year is a day that defines your personal taste and style. This means it’s all about loving and honoring cheesy sock patterns and how adorable they look on you. Yes, your love for cheesy socks is shared by thousands of people across the world, and now is the time that you can go all out by flaunting your favorite pair! Use this day to hold a cheesy sock party where all of the fad’s fans can congregate. It’s time to tell the world which types of socks you favor!

History of National Cheesy Socks Day

Fashion is incorporated into literally everything an individual wears, including socks. Yes, as the times have evolved, so have the type of socks that people wear. Since it is currently fashionable to wear anything patterned and funky, a plethora of delightful ideas have entered the market— this includes socks with cheese prints on them. They’re known as cheesy socks, and they’re ideal for anyone who wants to stand out or try something new. In fact, cheesy socks are so popular that many firms have specific design lines for them.

But how did we reach a point where socks became a fashion statement? Here’s a little history. The term ‘sock’ actually originates from the Greek word ‘sykhos.’ When the Romans started to take inspiration from the Greeks, socks started to be called ‘soccus.’

Socks are now worn as a fashion statement, although they were originally designed to keep people’s feet warm because there were no heaters at the time. However, gradually the purpose of socks changed and they became a representation of wealth. This led to the introduction of different garments to create socks. The rich of course went for the most expensive garment in the market. In the Middle Ages, brightly colored socks became the latest accessory and were also sported in a way that they were always in view for others to admire. This means that socks did not end at the ankle and instead were worn up till the knee. It wasn’t till after the late 17th century that cotton trousers replaced the importance of one showing off their socks. Today, people prefer to wear socks that go up to the ankle.

National Cheesy Socks Day timeline

8th Century
The Early Inventions

Socks are made from leather or matted animal hair.

2nd Century
Do As The Romans Do

Romans make fitted socks by sewing fabrics together.

New Inventions

Nylon is invented and it’s used to make socks that are elastic and comfortable.


Ankle socks become a trend.

National Cheesy Socks Day FAQs

What day is National Dock Day?

National Sock Day is celebrated on December 4.

Who invented odd socks day?

The Andy and the Odd Socks team came up with the idea for Odd Socks Day in 2017

How do people celebrate National Sock Day?

People celebrate National Sock Day by wearing their favorite socks. 

How to Celebrate National Cheesy Socks Day

  1. Wear your favorite cheesy socks

    On this day, pick up a pair of your favorite cheesy socks and flaunt them for the world to admire. Also, make sure you wear an outfit that allows the socks to be visible.

  2. Gift someone cheesy socks

    Do you want others to love cheesy socks too? Take advantage of the day and gift a pair with a funky design to a friend.

  3. Shop ‘til you drop

    This is a great day to add to your cheesy sock collection by purchasing some new unique styles. Make sure to use all of the appropriate hashtags when posting about your shopping spree on social media.

5 Fun Facts About Socks

  1. The oldest socks

    They are 1,600 years old.

  2. China produces the most socks

    The Datang district is known as ‘Sock City.’ It produces 40% of the world’s socks yearly.

  3. Socks make you sleep

    Wearing socks increases the blood flow and reduces the core body temperature.

  4. Absorbing heat

    Dark-colored socks absorb heat and keep the feet warm.

  5. The largest sock collection

    Ashan Fernando in Berkley owns 660 pairs of socks.

Why We Love National Cheesy Socks Day

  1. It increases business

    This is the perfect day to introduce cheesy sock designs to the public and increase the sales of different stores.

  2. It defines trends

    The National Cheesy Socks Day highlights the trend of wearing funky cheesy socks and gives people an opportunity to be themselves.

  3. It gives people a chance to flaunt their socks

    If you're a cheesy sock fan, today is the day to show off your favorite cheesy sock without fear of being judged.

National Cheesy Socks Day dates

2025January 21Tuesday
2026January 21Wednesday
2027January 21Thursday
2028January 21Friday
2029January 21Sunday

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