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International Playdate Day – January 21, 2025

International Playdate Day is on January 21, and we are planning to take you on the best date of your life! A playdate is a great way to unglue your children from screens and get them to experience the outside world. As technology took control of every aspect of our lives, children lost the motivation to go outside and play with their friends. Playdate Day reminds us to schedule time for our kids to grow by playing outside.

History of International Playdate Day

One of our most cherished memories is the times we spent playing with our friends when we were little. When we entertained ourselves with our own creativity and the company of our friends. If you could recall any of these times, you would realize the importance of outdoor playtime in a child’s life.

Ilona Viluma, a mother and CEO of GIGI Bloks, started the idea of Playdate Day. She created this day after observing the changing trend of children using technology over the past decade. Kids would spend too much time on their phones and tablets instead of interacting with each other. This holiday was developed to encourage parents to schedule playdates for their kids.

Playdates are a great way for kids to learn the social skills that help them interact better with people. When children interact with each other it helps them build essential life skills. Ilona and her company also encourage the idea of playdates with specifically designed toys, such as big building blocks to inspire children’s imaginations.

This day aims to bring parents and children together while inspiring the kids’ imaginations. Parents schedule playdates and teach their kids to play outside in a safe and effective manner. This day gives the kids a chance to play outside and just be kids.

On this screen-free day, children are leaving their tablets behind and going out and playing with their friends. So if you’re one of those parents who believe that their children should go out and play more often, then this is the perfect holiday for you.

International Playdate Day timeline

Birth of Handball

The earliest record of modern handball in the U.S. mentions two handball courts in San Francisco.

First Playground

The first purpose-built public-access playground opens in a park in Manchester, England.

The Importance of Play

G. Stanley Hall conducts some of the earliest studies on play.

Right to Play

Play is recognized in Article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and is adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on November 29.

International Playdate Day FAQs

When should babies start having playdates?

Babies can have playdates from around the age of six to 12 months. Doing fun and interactive things like messy arts, clapping, or rolling over can stimulate your babies.

How long should a playdate last?

One-and-a-half to two hours is a good amount of time for a play date. It’s better to end the playdate while the children are still eager to spend time together rather than letting the playdate continue until they are tired, bored, or crabby.

How do you invite someone to a playdate?

You can invite someone by writing a note to the parents of your child’s friend, via email, or by hand. Introduce yourself to the parent and explain to them how your child and their child know each other.

International Playdate Day Activities

  1. Go on a playdate

    This day aims to encourage parents to take their kids out on a playdate. We as parents realize the importance of play in the development of a child. So schedule a playdate for your little one and spend a fun-filled day making memories together.

  2. Organize a playdate

    Celebrate this holiday by calling a friend or a neighbor and set up a playdate with the kids. If your kids enjoy the playdates, it will encourage them to keep away from the screens and use their imagination.

  3. Encourage other parents

    If you don’t have kids but know someone who does, then help them with some great ideas on how to keep their kids happy and healthy. Share this holiday on social media platforms using the hashtag #playdateday.

5 Interesting Facts About Playtime

  1. Playtime is good for old age

    Children who engage in a minimum of two hours of physical activity are more active in the later years of their lives.

  2. Playtime improves behavior

    Observations show that children display better behavior when they are given their share of playtime.

  3. Physical activity in children

    A survey found that approximately 75% of children under 12 are not getting enough active free play.

  4. Structural social play

    Nearly two-thirds of one to four-year-olds miss out on structured social play, including sports games and board games.

  5. Playtime reduces stress

    According to a 2012 study, play reduces stress in children.

Why We Love International Playdate Day

  1. Because it’s fun!

    Playdates are fun! A playdate intends to give children some time to interact freely in a less structured environment. It is also a great way to spend some quality time with your children and play games together, making this a fun activity for both the parents and the children.

  2. Playdates are healthy

    Playdates give kids a chance to get out of their sedentary lifestyles and become active. Activities like skipping enhance balance, and climbing monkey bars improve physical growth and flexibility. Having outdoor playdates encourages physical activity in your kids, which leads to them developing a stronger mind and body.

  3. It develops social skills

    Playdates improve your child’s social skills as it allows them to adapt to different situations. These skills help them handle all types of social situations that arise as they get older. These important early lessons on social skills help children understand the roles and rules of society.

International Playdate Day dates

2025January 21Tuesday
2026January 21Wednesday
2027January 21Thursday
2028January 21Friday
2029January 21Sunday

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