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WedDec 4

National Sock Day – December 4, 2024

National Sock Day, celebrated on December 4, is a day to celebrate those rarest of socks that managed to stick together and maybe to mourn those socks that lost their significant others in the wash over the years. Whether you’re a fan of knee-high, crew, ankle, or low-cut socks, or even the ones sporting tiny holes, the history and significance of National Sock Day will make you love your socks even more!

History of National Sock Day

Whether you realize it or not, socks are a common necessity for all people. Everyone, from babies to grandpas, uses socks daily. Before the 2nd century A.D., people used dried animal skins, or cloth wrappings to protect their feet in the cold or hot environment while wearing any footwear. Now, you can find socks in various colors and types made from different materials including silk, cotton, wool, and polyester. Today, with so many brands out there, socks have evolved to a space where they symbolize art and fashion.

On December 4, a clothing company called Pair of Thieves created National Sock Day. According to the company’s website, they started this day “to warm our toes with the commemoration of two toe-tapping historical events that happened on this day.” In 2016, it was officially declared that National Sock Day would be celebrated annually on December 4.

The first historical event they are referring to is the closing of the first revival of the Broadway musical “On Your Toes”, on December 4, 1954. This musical was special because it incorporated ballet. The second “toe-tapping” event that the holiday commemorates is the final concert of the country music mother-daughter singing duo, The Judds, in 1991.

The company takes National Sock Day to another level by donating a pair of socks for every hashtag of #nationalsockday that is posted on the day. They also give away socks year-round as part of their give-back program — for every pair of socks purchased, they donate three pairs to those in need.

National Sock Day timeline

500 A.D.
Socks Become a Part of Clothing

Socks become a part of the multipurpose trouser that people wear in layers.

1001 A.D.
Socks Are a Status Symbols

Proper woven socks become symbols of wealth and nobility.

The Invention of the Knitting Machine

Knitting machines begin to produce socks at a much more rapid pace than handweavers.

National Sock Day

It’s declared that National Sock Day will be celebrated annually on December 4.

National Sock Day FAQs

Can we celebrate this day worldwide?

Yes, of course. You can celebrate this day anywhere in the world by using the #nationalsockday hashtag on social media.

Is there a sock etiquette?

Traditional etiquette guides say that the sock color should match the color of the shoes and/or trousers, but the shade should be a little darker than trousers and lighter than the shoes.

How often should I change my socks?

If you wear your socks for a prolonged period of time, they should be washed after every wear. So, if worn once a week and washed properly, a pair of socks should last between six months to a year.

National Sock Day Activities

  1. Use the hashtag #NationalSockDay

    For every picture, video, text, reel, or anything you post on social media on December 4, use the hashtag #NationalSockDay. For every post with this hashtag, a sock donation will be made to someone in need.

  2. Buy a new pair of socks

    If you’re searching for excuses to buy a new pair of socks, this is it! Buy a new pair of socks or try a different type of sock that you haven’t tried wearing before. Rock your style!

  3. Make your own socks

    If none of the offerings out there satisfies your love for socks, it's time to take things into your own hands! Learn to knit and try knitting a pair of socks for you or your loved one.

5 Fun Facts About Socks That Will Make Your Day More Interesting

  1. It comes from a Roman word

    The word ‘sock’ comes from the Roman word ‘soccus’ that is a loose-fitting slipper worn by theatre artists of that time.

  2. Losing socks is costly

    On average, a family of four members will lose 60 socks annually — that is approximately a loss of $300.

  3. The oldest pair of socks

    The oldest pair of socks ever recorded was found in Egypt.

  4. It has a name?

    The design found on the ankle of your sock is called a ‘clock’.

  5. Almost everybody wears odd socks

    82% of young men wear odd socks at least once a week due to lost socks.

Why We Love National Sock Day

  1. It is a great initiative

    National Sock Day is not just a simple day where we talk about socks. Socks are actually donated to those in need.

  2. Everybody can relate to this day

    Let’s be honest. We’ve all had incidents with socks at least once in our lifetime — we’ve worn smelly socks, torn socks, mismatched socks, and even no socks! Socks are something we can all relate to.

  3. Socks teach us life lessons

    Socks teach us two valuable life lessons. If you take care of things, they will last and, without your perfect match, you can still go on and on!

National Sock Day dates

2024December 4Wednesday
2025December 4Thursday
2026December 4Friday
2027December 4Saturday
2028December 4Monday

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