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WedDec 4

Global Fat Bike Day – December 4, 2024

Global Fat Bike Day has taken place on the first Saturday of December annually since 2012 — this year it falls on December 4. It’s a special day for fat bike enthusiasts who celebrate it the best way they know how — riding on their fat bikes! The day falls on a Saturday, mostly since it’s a popular day for riding and allows people to go on longer rides. But this isn’t set in stone, so you can choose to ride on Friday or even Sunday, depending on your commitments. You and your fat bike have the entire weekend! All this day asks of you is to find the time to ride.

History of Global Fat Bike Day

In just under a decade, Global Fat Bike Day has become a phenomenon. But who kickstarted this spectacular idea? The concept took off, not from one eureka moment but over a series of conversations and scattered rides. It began when a bunch of passionate fat bike enthusiasts in the U.K. started organizing a few rides. “Just grassroots stuff,” they called it. The dream was to gather amazing people and bikes in one place. Due to factors beyond their control (costs, conflicting schedules, etc.), the plan never took off. 

At some point, the idea of a global gathering to celebrate old mountain bikes took shape. The premise was simple. Agree on a specific time and date, get on your bike, and ride – wherever you may be in the world. All you had to do was ride when the set hour rolled by in your respective time zone. Bikers could choose to ride solo or with friends, and they could hit an epic mountain trail or bike around the city. It was all good! Fat biking usually happens in areas where December is chilly, with perhaps a little snowfall. Snow on the trail always makes for a memorable ride, but you can also have a memorable ride on the sand. 

Soon, the idea had takers across countries and spread like wildfire online. And here we are today. It remains an online holiday but has grown in scale over the years. A day that started in Britain has now gained popularity in Canada and the United States as well. It’s a way for the fat bike community to share experiences and celebrate their love for these splendid bikes. 

Global Fat Bike Day timeline

The First Fat Bikes

The bikes have two to three wheels put together side by side to increase surface contact to the ground.

Modern-Day Fat Bikes Arrive

The modern fat bike design makes an appearance followed by an era of design experiments.

The Name ‘Fat Bike’ is Born

Mark Gronewald, a bike builder and frame designer in Alaska, coins the name ‘Fat Bike’ for his bike.

The First Global Fat Bike Day

Fat biker enthusiasts worldwide take to their bikes and ride!

Global Fat Bike Day FAQs

What are fat bikes?

A fat bike is a bicycle that has oversized tires. The bikes are designed specifically for off-road riding, particularly on terrains such as sand or snow.

Are fat bikes harder to ride?

Fat bikes are heavier than the standard mountain or road bike. Pedaling fat bikes on asphalt can be difficult due to their weight.

What are the advantages of fat bikes?

Compared to regular bicycles, fat bikes can travel effortlessly over rough terrain. Their wide tires have lower pressure and come with additional grip and traction.

Global Fat Bike Day Activities

  1. Hit the trail

    It isn’t Global Fat Bike Day unless you ride. Posing for pictures with a stationary bike doesn’t count! You don’t need to hit an epic trail. Just ride and enjoy the experience.

  2. Find local events or connect online

    Join a fat bike event near you or look for events online. Connecting with the larger biker community (even virtually) makes the day extra special. Remember to take a photo of your ride and put it up on the Mountain Bike Reviews Forum.

  3. Take a video

    Document your ride on video. Fat bike riding is a challenging sport, and not too many people understand the skills required or the unpredictable terrain and weather. Videos offer perspectives into bike riding and can pique curiosity for anyone interested in the sport.

5 Facts About Mountain Bikes That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Mountain bikes are older than you think

    Buffalo soldiers first used mountain bikes in the 1890s.

  2. Mountain biking wasn’t always recreational

    ‘Off-road’ bikes were first used for transportation over rough terrain.

  3. Nepal organizes the highest race

    Known as the “Yak Attack,” the highest, most challenging race in Nepal covers about 249 miles at an altitude of approximately 17,769 feet.

  4. The earliest bikes could only go downhill

    Riders would take bikes to the top of a hill in a car and then ride down.

  5. Over the hill? No such thing

    Whether you’re 20 or 80, mountain biking is one of the only sports without an age limit.

Why We Love Global Fat Bike Day

  1. Exploring offbeat paths

    Fat bike riding takes us to trails otherwise remote and inaccessible. No other bike will or can do!

  2. Winter riding

    It’s tempting to lie around and do nothing when December rolls in. Thanks to Global Fat Bike Day, we can kick ourselves out of inertia. A bike ride on a crisp winter day is just what the doctor ordered.

  3. Connecting bike lovers around the world

    What we love most about the day is its sense of community and shared experiences. Across time zones and continents, anyone can bond over the love of a fat bike.

Global Fat Bike Day dates

2021December 4Saturday
2022December 3Saturday
2023December 2Saturday
2024December 7Saturday
2025December 6Saturday

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