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Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day – December 4, 2024

Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day is celebrated on December 4 each year. Are you a member of a workgroup at your place of business? Tasks are sometimes easier to complete when teams are created and people with different skills collaborate rather than working alone. Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day honors those who work together and celebrates the accomplishments that they produce.

History of Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day

William McDougall is widely regarded as the first team builder. He established several prerequisites for a high-functioning group. The Hawthorne Studies may be linked back to the 1920s and 1930s when the team concept first emerged. These included studies aimed at delving deeper into what happened to a group of workers under different circumstances.
One of the earliest researchers, Elton Mayo, highlighted important characteristics for forming a successful work team.

It was established that internal and external social demands affect a worker’s performance and that informal groups within the workplace influence the workers’ habits and attitudes. Workers also regarded characteristics like being valued for their efforts, feeling relaxed, and having a feeling of connectedness as more important than physical working conditions. These findings prompted businesses to carefully consider organizing their personnel into productive work teams. These remain key considerations for human resource managers today.

It is the perfect time to recognize the value of collaborating if your business relies on the combined efforts of employees who identify a common objective and put their energy, excitement, and motivating talents to work. Take some time to think about your accomplishments as a member of a workgroup. Gather your team together and acknowledge the achievements of individual members as well as the team’s overall accomplishments. Recognize the accomplishments of your employees and let them know how they have contributed to the company’s success if you are a manager or boss with teams reporting to you.

Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day timeline

The Oxford English Dictionary Uses the Term

The Oxford English Dictionary uses the term ‘teamwork’ to describe the activities of a team of draught animals.

1914 — 1945
Organizational Models Come Into Play

During the First and Second World Wars, countries tried to organize their people by shifting from traditional assembly lines to organizational structures that included greater degrees of collaboration.

1920s — 1930s
The Team Idea Emerges

The team idea emerges as a result of the Hawthorne Studies.

Large-Scale Team Building Gathers Momentum

Theory and methodologies for team building on a large scale become available.

Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day FAQs

Why is collaboration important for success?

When we operate as a group, we can learn from one another. Collaboration encourages creativity and learning by optimizing shared knowledge and broadening skill sets.

What can you learn from collaborating with others?

Conversation and social skills like active listening and effective speaking are developed through teamwork. Members listen to their group leaders and coaches to accomplish their tasks when working as part of a team.

How does teamwork improve results?

Communication, cooperation, and joint efforts result in a better result when teamwork is efficient. For a common aim, everyone contributes their abilities, talents, and insights.

Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day Activities

  1. Give your employees gifts

    One of the best ways to celebrate the impact of work teams is by rewarding them with gifts. A gift card from Amazon or iTunes is a great way to start.

  2. Take them out to lunch

    You know what they say about all work and no play. Relaxing together is crucial to working well together. Teams can benefit from spending quality time together outside the work setting. Make it happen!

  3. Give them a break or bonus

    Why not give your work team a break or a bonus. You can give them a full or half-day off to show them that you appreciate their effort.

5 Facts About Teamwork That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Group energy

    In 1920, Social Psychologist Floyd Allport demonstrated that a group of people working separately at the same table did better on a variety of tasks despite not collaborating or competing.

  2. Steadier hands

    In 2006, a Harvard study concluded that when heart surgeons worked at their main medical facility with their regular team, their performance improved with time.

  3. Going the distance

    According to a 2009 Cisco survey of teleworkers, 69% stated working remotely increased their productivity, and 83% said being scattered did not affect or improve their interactions with other team members.

  4. Strategist

    Most good teams will have at least one analytical thinker in the group.

  5. The XX effect

    Credit Suisse presented a review of over 2,400 worldwide corporations in 2012, showing that those having at least one female on its board of directors performed the best.

Why We Love Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day

  1. Idea generation and creativity

    Working in teams helps foster creativity and enhances idea generation. The blend of minds and ideas creates a melting pot that drives innovation.

  2. Improved productivity

    Teamwork can significantly affect productivity and improve business results. Working in teams is an excellent way of achieving business goals.

  3. Improved morale and job satisfaction

    Working in teams challenges individuals and offers plenty of motivation to complete tasks. It also goes a long way in providing job satisfaction.

Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day dates

2024December 4Wednesday
2025December 4Thursday
2026December 4Friday
2027December 4Saturday
2028December 4Monday

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