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National Film Score Day
ThuApr 3

National Film Score Day – April 3, 2025

National Film Score Day, celebrated on April 3 each year, honors and recognizes the talented composers who have elevated the attraction of a movie. These film scores mesmerize audiences long after the end credits have rolled and contribute immensely to the movie’s popularity. The day recognizes the contributions of the talented composers who created these immortal film scores. Film scores are usually music without vocals.

History of National Film Score Day

Imagine yourself in a movie auditorium watching an action thriller. As the movie opens and characters and scenes fill the screen, you hear a rising cadence that sets the movie’s mood. Slowly, the music notes reach a crescendo and fill you with anticipation. The auditorium gets draped in amazement at the scenes playing out on the screen accompanied by the lilting music. The movie is now beginning to bind you in a spell.

The movie’s musical accompaniment that often marks the beginning and key happenings is called the film score. Take the example of any iconic and classic movie, and chances are that the movie has a memorable film score. Imagine a “James Bond” or “Harry Potter” movie without their legendary soundtracks! These movies won’t feel the same without their arresting scores. The film score elevates and accentuates the film’s aura and keeps you glued to the screen. Jeffrey D. Kern, from Movie Scores and More Radio, an internet radio station famous for playing movie soundtracks, created National Film Score Day to celebrate and highlight these iconic scores and their talented composers. But why did he choose April 3?

Miklós Rózsa, the legendary composer, recorded the musical score for the amazing movie “The Jungle Book.” United Artists released Alexander Korda’s film on April 3, 1942. The soundtrack and the movie both saw phenomenal success. Subsequently, the score was recorded as a soundtrack with narration and released separately to a rousing reception from music and movie lovers. National Film Score Day commemorates the release of “The Jungle Book” to mark the first time film scores acquired importance.

National Film Score Day timeline

The First Soundtrack

The Lumiére brothers, considered the pioneers of movies, hire a pianist to play music while their short films air.

A Non-Musical With A Soundtrack

United Artists releases Alexander Korda’s film “The Jungle Book,” which features an orchestral score — a first for any non-musical movie.

Brilliant Scores Are Memorable

John Williams composes the scores to “E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial” “Schindler’s List,” and “Jaws” — an especially iconic and scary piece of music.

National Film Score Day Is Created

Jeffrey D. Kern from Movie Scores and More Radio creates National Film Score Day to celebrate iconic film scores over the years.

National Film Score Day FAQs

What is a movie score?

A film or movie score is music composed specially for a movie. Usually instrumental and orchestral, the compositions play out at various stages during the movie, often when the film begins, to set the film’s mood.

How is a film score different from a background score?

A film score is also called a background score. There are different terms to describe it, such as background music, film soundtrack, original movie theme, film music composition, and incidental music.

Did a music composer create National Film Score Day?

Jeffrey D. Kern, from Movie Scores and More Radio — an internet radio station specializing in playing original movie soundtracks, created the day to recognize and honor the contribution of talented music composers. He was an ardent fan of movie scores and wanted to share his passion with like-minded people.

How To Celebrate National Film Score Day

  1. Spread the melody on social media

    Promote your love for movie score music on social media with #NationalFilmScoreDay. Highlight the works of talented music composers by sharing articles on the life and works of these film score composers and their best work to let the conversation flow.

  2. Listen to some great film scores

    If you have a friend or know a group that shares your passion for film scores, listen to some top film scores and engage in a discussion about their nuances. Add dinner and some wine to make the evening a stimulating one.

  3. Participate in an event dedicated to film score composers

    On the day, there can be exhibitions or discussions about the life and work of top film score composers in your neighborhood or on social media. Participate in them and share your love for movie score music.

5 Facts About Film Scores That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. “Psycho” (1960)

    Bernard Hermann is credited with composing the most chilling film score ever for Alfred Hitchcock's horror thriller.

  2. “The Pink Panther” (1963)

    Jazz veteran Henry Mancini's original score for the comedy movie found its way to the Grammy Hall of Fame.

  3. “Jaws” (1975)

    John Williams' minimalist but eerie theme elevated the shark's terror in this ageless classic.

  4. “Star Wars” (1977)

    Williams followed up “Jaws” with yet another unforgettable score.

  5. “Titanic” (1998)

    James Horner's masterpieces are as immortal as James Cameron's epic about love, hope, and separation in the backdrop of the ocean.

Why We Love National Film Score Day

  1. We love film scores

    We love the film scores that have immortalized classic films. Any occasion to listen to them again is welcome.

  2. The talented music composers need to be honored

    At least once every year, we ought to remember the contribution of music composers in providing us with amazing cinematic experiences over the years. They are part of our growing up, and one part of us is always locked away in these experiences.

  3. Discussing them gives immense pleasure

    Besides listening to them, just discussing the original film compositions fills us with happiness. Even if for just once a year, it’s magical to sit and discuss these creations.

National Film Score Day dates

2025April 3Thursday
2026April 3Friday
2027April 3Saturday
2028April 3Monday
2029April 3Tuesday

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