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A Drop of Water is a Grain of Gold – April 3, 2025

A Drop Of Water Is a Grain of Gold is celebrated in Turkmenistan on the first Sunday in April and this year it will be held on . The holiday was founded in 1995 by Saparmurat Türkmenbaşy ‘s Presidential Decree. The holiday is significant because Turkmenistan is made up of 80% desert, which means that water is the most precious commodity in Turkmenistan. Every drop of water in the dry climate of the desert is treasured like gold. Since humans need water to survive, it is precious for the preservation of life. This holiday was created to help solve the water issues in the country.

History of A Drop of Water is a Grain of Gold

Water is life and for a country like Turkmenistan which is predominantly desert, this commodity is that much more valuable. For the people of Turkmenistan, access to clean water in the country is very limited. Without enough supply of water, some people have to live in less than ideal sanitary conditions. This is why water is as valuable as gold in the country — people need it for survival before anything else.

The holiday aims to bring awareness to the water crisis facing the nation and find solutions that are sustainable in the long run. Special measures and practices have been taken to artificially mitigate the climate of the Karakum Desert. The hope is to transform it into a globally significant resort. During the holiday, various concerts and performances take place around the country. Traditionally, a congratulatory speech is given by the President of Turkmenistan to the employees of the water management sector. This is one of the most important sectors of the national economy as it helps to sustain the life of the citizens of the country. A Drop Of Water Is a Grain of Gold Holiday is considered to be their professional holiday.

A Drop of Water is a Grain of Gold timeline

The Khans of Khiva Rule Turkmenistan

Until the arrival of Genghis Khan, Turkmenistan was ruled by the Khans of Khiva for about 70 years.

The Khiva Is Burned

Khiva, Konye Urgench, and Merv were burned to the ground by Mongols.

Turkmenistan Gains its Independence

Under President Niyazov, Turkmenistan gained its independence.

The Water Holiday is Established

A Drop Of Water Is a Grain of Gold becomes a holiday celebrated nationwide.

A Drop of Water is a Grain of Gold FAQs

Why is water scarce in Turkmenistan?

The country is located on desert land. This means it is far from major water bodies and experiences very low rainfall.

What happens if you don’t drink water?

A lack of enough water can lead to dehydration which lowers the body’s ability to function. In extreme cases, dehydration can lead to death.

Can the water crisis be solved?

Several measures can be tried to ease the water crisis. These methods may take years to implement.

How to Observe A Drop of Water is a Grain of Gold

  1. Save water

    This holiday is a reminder that many people lack access to enough clean water. Save water whenever you can to help preserve the environment.

  2. Learn about Turkmenistan

    Take some time to learn more about the country. You’ll find out interesting facts about their history and culture.

  3. Donate to an environmental charity

    Environmental charities help to ease the effects of harsh climate conditions. A donation can help someone get access to clean water.

5 Interesting Facts About Turkmenistan

  1. Turkmenistan was ruled by the Soviet Union

    Turkmenistan gained its independence from the Soviet Union On October 27, 1991.

  2. Turkmenistan has oil reserves

    The country has the sixth largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world.

  3. The Silk Road passes through the country

    The Silk Road that connects the Middle East and Europe with China passes through Turkmenistan.

  4. It is home to Turkmen

    Turkmenistan is a word that means ‘Place of the Turkmen’

  5. It was a conquest of the Greek

    Alexander the Great conquered Turkmenistan during the 4th century B.C

Why A Drop of Water is a Grain of Gold is Important

  1. It raises awareness

    The holiday brings awareness to the water crisis in the country. Awareness helps provide solutions to the problem.

  2. It preserves life

    The holiday helps to make sure that people get access to clean water. This helps to preserve precious life

  3. It helps the environment

    The holiday pushes for positive changes to the environment. These changes benefit everyone on the planet.

A Drop of Water is a Grain of Gold dates

2025April 3Thursday
2026April 3Friday
2027April 3Saturday
2028April 3Monday
2029April 3Tuesday

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