World Party Day – April 3, 2020

Fri Apr 3

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get your party on, we have the perfect day for you! World Party Day is celebrated annually on April 3, and its primary purpose is just to celebrate the joy of being alive! The motto for this day is “pass the food and turn up the music.” So gather your friends, stock up on the snacks, and get your turntable out, because today is the day to let loose. Get in on the global party with World Party Day on April 3!

World Party Day Activities

  1. Get your geek on

    Picking a theme will help you center the menu and the decorations and communicates the dress code to your party pals. Let your inner nerd cry out loud and proud by picking a theme that is near and dear to your heart. Popular themes can focus on books or films such as Harry Potter, Star Trek or Lord of the Rings. Or use games like Monopoly, Magic, or Chess for unified party planning.

  2. You could try getting your Greek on

    Go international and communicate social harmony and cultural appreciation. Have a global themed get together. Try a Mexican themed fiesta complete with frijoles refritos and flan, or have an Irish ceili complete with sudsy stout and songs.

  3. Get your peace on

    Party for a cause! Invite all guests to bring a food item and when the party is over, everyone can feel good about helping to re-stock the local food pantry. Or send your friends home with party favors that promote your favorite causes. Perhaps packages of wild flower seeds, calendars from the World Wildlife Fund, or ceramics purchased from up and coming artists at the local art school? Because if a party makes the world a better place, a party with a purpose both feels good and does good!

Why We Love World Party Day

  1. Party food is always fantastic

    Whether it’s one great big messy pan of nachos for sharing or more refined bite-size delights like mini quiches or crab cakes, food is a major reason to have a party. Make something you’d never make for just yourself and invite a bunch of friends over to feast. Be sure to include some creative cocktails and a decadent dessert.

  2. It’s a great time to get your groove on

    It’s just not a party without music. Put together a playlist to serve as the soundtrack to a fun fiesta. It can be folk, funk or punk as long as it provides a festive feeling so your guests can dance at will or break into song. On the invite ask guests to RSVP with their top party tunes and include it in the night’s selections!

  3. Decorations set the tone

    From the moment the invitation arrives, by post, email, or text, the tone is set for your shindig. It can be something elaborate based on a theme, casual with flamingos and drink umbrellas, or a more formal affair with coordinated flowers and frippery. The main point is for it to be fun.

World Party Day dates
2020April 3Friday
2021April 3Saturday
2022April 3Sunday
2023April 3Monday
2024April 3Wednesday