National Fun at Work Day – January 31, 2020

Fri Jan 31

If having fun at work isn’t something you’re accustomed to, then get ready to live it up on January 31 — aka National Fun at Work Day! Sure, work can be hard, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any fun; after all, achieving happiness requires a healthy balance. National Fun at Work Day, held on the fourth Friday of January, makes having fun a priority. So rally your coworkers and bosses — plan parties, schedule activities, bring in goodies — and get everyone in on the action.

National Fun at Work Day timeline


Cubicles were introduced

Originally referred to as the “Action Office” design, cubicles were added to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


First office building was built

The Old Admiralty, a three-story building complete with offices, a board room and apartments for the Lords of Admiralty, was the first of its kind.


The word “office” first appeared

Geoffrey Chaucer, an English poet, author and philosopher, first used the word “office” to describe a place where business transactions take place in "The Canterbury Tales."

National Fun at Work Day Activities

  1. Make having fun a priority

    Clearly, this is all about having fun at work, but what are some ways you can do that? Some easy options include throwing a party, ditching the dress code, and playing games. Looking to go big on January 25? Bring in a DJ, have people dress up, or host a sporting event.

  2. Hire some professionals

    How about a caterer for a taco, sushi, or panini day? Maybe bring in a bartender an hour or two before the office closes to mix up some adult beverages.

  3. Create a festive vibe

    Typically, work environments can be a little drab and stuffy, so on National Fun at Work Day, make it a priority to decorate your office — or least your cubicle. Bring in balloons, hang up funny posters, buy confetti poppers for everyone to wear and use, and throw on music to play throughout the office.

5 Tips To Have More Fun At Work

  1. Humor can help boost creativity

    It also promotes openness while decreasing criticism towards creative ideas.

  2. Reduce turnover by creating a fun environment

    When there’s humor in a workplace, it cuts back on burnout and can help improve workers' ability to cope with stress.

  3. Stay hydrated to maintain your best work self

    A 2 percent drop in hydration levels can wreck your focus, so stay on top of your water intake.

  4. Decorate your workspace to boost your mood

    Injecting color, hanging pictures, and adding personal touches to your workspace can help improve your mood at the office.

  5. Play music to improve your happiness and productivity

    Whether it’s head-banging rock, calming classical, or heart pumping pop, music can have a positive impact on your work ethic and mood.

Why We Love National Fun at Work Day

  1. It promotes office positivity

    It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of work, and sometimes this can lead to a negative and depressing work environment. But you can break this routine by celebrating National Fun at Work Day.

  2. It can help coworkers bond

    Companies get better results when coworkers like and respect each other. This the perfect day to encourage that.

  3. It supports the “work hard, play hard” motto

    Sure, work is hard — sometimes it’s a pain, sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s just plain boring — but it’s important to strike a balance between working hard and having fun. Thankfully, National Have Fun at Work Day supports the goal of establishing a happy work environment.