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ThuApr 3

Weed Out Hate Day – April 3, 2025

Weed Out Hate Day is held on April 3 each year. It’s a day that speaks of the importance of being kind and thoughtful towards others. This holiday is much needed in today’s world, where selfishness reigns supreme. Marc Daniels came up with the holiday in honor of his grandfather Ross Daniels, the inventor of the “Ross Root Feeder.” This revolutionary irrigation tool allowed nutrients to get to the deepest roots of trees and other plants, thus helping them achieve peak health and have a more bountiful harvest. The main goal of Weed Out Hate Day is to connect gardeners and kindergarten kids with the natural world around them while improving society in the process. Weed Out Hate Day removes the roadblocks that prevent children from achieving their full potential. Those who participate in the ceremony learn to kick out any negative influences in their lives and bring in more positive aspects.

History of Weed Out Hate Day

The first Weed Out Hate Day was held in August. Des Moines and Springfield, Iowa’s mayors, established this holiday on August 28, 2010. To celebrate the day, the mayors asked the children to go out to their lawns and remove one weed each.

The Weed Out Hate Day’s inaugural ceremony was held at the Lincoln Home National Historic site in Springfield, Iowa. Marc Daniels considers Abraham Lincoln a big inspiration for him and his cause of spreading kindness. Seeing the holiday, he created a market at this site that made it even more special. On his website, Marc Daniels talks about inequality, prejudice, and bigotry, which are some of the roots of hatred. He worked for decades in the green industry and studied gardening trends, which he later transformed into an effort to make modern society more peaceful and loving.

Even though Weed Out Hate Day is an American holiday, it has inspired people worldwide. One example is Ulrich Sahm, a German journalist. He was so moved by this holiday that he began transferring Schindler’s list of historical documents to a Holocaust history museum in Israel. Just as weeds deplete the nutrients and water that garden plants require, our inner weeds of hate prevent our children from experiencing the most profound root connections to nature and other people. With the right approach, however, we can remove the weeds of the inner bullying tendencies many children harbor and suppress. As they are freed from all this negativity, children everywhere will be more able to sow the seeds of peace. Weed Out Hate Day gives us a powerful method of extracting a symbolic weed of hatred and replacing it with a seed of peace.

Weed Out Hate Day timeline

Invention of New Farming Tool

Ross Daniels invents the Ross Root Feeder.

Speech For Unity

Martin Luther King gives his famous "Mountaintop" speech on April 3.

Foul Murder

Martin Luther King, a civil rights leader, is assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4.

German Journalist Feted

Ulrich Sahm receives a commemorative Weed Out Hate Feeder for his efforts.

Weed Out Hate Day FAQs

Where did Martin Luther King give his Mountaintop speech?

Luther gave his last public speech at the Mason Temple in Memphis, Tennessee.

What are the key points of the Mountaintop speech?

King spoke about the economic boycott of white goods, unity among Black people, nonviolent protests, and protection of the rights of all American citizens.

How did the Civil Rights Bill come about?

The passing of the Civil Rights Bill is attributed to the efforts of the Black people in Birmingham, Alabama.

Weed Out Hate Day Activities

  1. Show kindness

    The most practical way to counter hate is by being kind to others. Whether it's something simple like holding the door open for a stranger or a more significant action like donating time or money to a charity, spreading kindness makes the world a better place.

  2. Teach the young

    This day is perfect for teaching kindness to younger children. You can do this by being a good example in how you behave and explaining to them the importance of empathy towards others.

  3. Be kind to yourself

    When talking about kindness, we often think of others but tend to overlook ourselves. Take note of negative thoughts about yourself and replace them with kind, caring ones.

5 Facts About Weed Out Hate Day

  1. Holiday with a long name

    The full name of this holiday is Weed Out Hate; Sow the Seeds of Greatness Day.

  2. Luther spoke of his death

    Towards the end of the Mountaintop speech, King referred to threats against his life and used language that foreshadowed his impending death the next day.

  3. Sunflowers for peace

    Although you can mark this day by planting any seeds, sunflower seeds are the official ones associated with the holiday.

  4. An icon stabbed

    While signing his first book in New York in 1958, Luther King was stabbed by a demented woman, and the blade went through his heart to the edge of his aorta.

  5. Speech almost didn't happen

    King almost skipped giving his Mountaintop speech because he was unwell, but his friend Rev. Ralph Abernathy convinced him to go.

Why We Love Weed Out Hate Day

  1. It promotes love and peace

    Weed Out Hate Day is all about being kind to others. The more we share love, the more this drives out hate.

  2. It brings unity

    This holiday is a reminder of the value of unity. By sowing seeds of peace, we strengthen the sense of community in our lives.

  3. It honors peace ambassadors

    Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln inspired Weed Out Hate Day. There's much we can learn from their mission to promote peace.

Weed Out Hate Day dates

2025April 3Thursday
2026April 3Friday
2027April 3Saturday
2028April 3Monday
2029April 3Tuesday

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