National Find a Rainbow Day – April 3, 2020

Fri Apr 3

Rainbows have always fascinated us, which is why they’re mentioned almost mythically across religions and cultures. While we now understand the reason behind the optical phenomenon (and it has nothing to do with Saint Peter), rainbows can still catch you by surprise. Every year, April 3 is observed as National Find a Rainbow Day. While nobody knows the origins of the holiday, we are just glad that somebody decided to start this fun tradition.

National Find a Rainbow Day timeline


Britain's Thomas Young Explains the Rainbow

Young showed that two different light waves can interfere constructively or destructively, which gives rise to bright or dark areas of the rainbow.


Isaac Newton's Prism Theory

With the help of a prism, Newton showed how white light is split into different colors due to refraction.


Descartes Confirms Theodoric's Hypothesis

According to Descartes, each raindrop causes refraction. Refraction from several drops in the sky leads to a rainbow.


Theodoric Proposes a Valid Hypothesis for the Formation of Rainbows

He was a German monk who proposed that each raindrop in the sky causes refraction of the light. Prior to his hypothesis, Aristotle believed that refraction of light occurred due to an entire cloud.

National Find a Rainbow Day Activities

  1. Find a Rainbow

    This one is obvious. Head out and try finding a rainbow. Don't limit yourself to the sky. Try finding rainbow colors anywhere you can.

  2. Organize an LGBTQ Awareness Event

    Just like the colors of a rainbow, gender and sexuality can also be fluid and distributed across a spectrum. Use this holiday to organize an LGBTQ event in your school, neighborhood, or even your office.

  3. Organize a Treasure Hunt

    The goal of the hunt is to find things with rainbow colors. The person who finds the most number of things wins.

3 Rainbow Myths That Are As Colorful As A Rainbow Itself

  1. Highway to Heaven

    According to Christianity, a rainbow is a ray of light falling on the ground to guide a kind soul to the gates of heaven.

  2. A Bridge to Earth

    According to a Japanese myth, Isanagi and Isanami, first man and woman, created the first island, Onogoro, complete with birds and animals, while standing on a rainbow.

  3. Gender Bending

    Until the 16th century, Europeans believed that anyone who passed under a rainbow would emerge as their opposite gender on the other end.

Why We Love National Find a Rainbow Day

  1. It Celebrates Nature

    In an age ruled by smartphones and Youtube, it is easy to miss the beauty of nature around us. National Find a Rainbow Day encourages us to appreciate our natural surroundings.

  2. It can be an Innovative Excuse to Skip Work

    Bosses are already used to stomach flus, fevers, and sore throats. Catch them by surprise. Tell them you need a day off to find a rainbow.

  3. It can be Inspiring

    In several mythical tales, a rainbow often stands as a symbol of hope and freedom. Plus, the variety of colors can cheer up even the most depressed souls.

National Find a Rainbow Day dates
2020April 3Friday
2021April 3Saturday
2022April 3Sunday
2023April 3Monday
2024April 3Wednesday