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AgitÁgueda – July 2024

AgitÁgueda runs from July 6 to 28 this year, and we are celebrating it with classy music and fun activities. ‘AgitÁgueda’ means festival of music in Portuguese. It is organized by the municipality of Aueda that starts on the first Saturday of July. There will be non-stop music and fun for the next 23 days. Great music, tasty dishes, vibrant decorations, art shows, and exhibitions are a few of the attractions on this day. During the festival season, the moderate town of Agueda in Portugal becomes a hub of tourist attractions. The festival encourages new talents and markets them.

History of AgitÁgueda

Portugal is situated in the Iberian Peninsula, and it is a country with a rich history and culture. Art was always a specialty in the country long ago. Once a global empire, Portugal was a strong presence and produced some of the world’s finest artists. The country has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Over its time, the Celts, Carthaginians, Romans, and others. interacted with the nation, and the Portuguese adopted their culture, art, and much more. But it was in 2006 that Águeda, a city in Portugal, witnessed the birth of a new festival to celebrate good music.

The Águeda population is a peace-loving people. During the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, the city organized a festival to celebrate the event. But the festival gained popularity and evolved into a musical and artistic extravaganza. During the festival, artists from all over the country perform on the streets decorated in all colors of the rainbow. Art installations, music, D.Js, exhibitions, and other cultural activities are conducted. Overall, it is a feast for the senses and a source of pride for the nation. Timeless murals, rainbow-colored streets, music stages, jewelry making, and art installations. are some of the popular attractions.

Every year, the festival hosts around 3,000 participants. But it was not always this popular. In 2012, the festival started hosting umbrella installations all over the city. A few years later, they introduced balloons to hover over the city, improving the visual aesthetics. This increased the number of visitors to the festival. Now AgitÁgueda is one of the most popular festivals in the world. The best part about the festival is that there are no entry fees for the program.

AgitÁgueda timeline

Formation Of the Águeda Municipality

Águeda becomes a municipality of Portugal's Liberal Revolution.

First AgitÁgueda

The first AgitÁgueda festival celebrating the FIFA World Cup in Germany takes place.

Umbrella Sky Project

The start of the Umbrella Sky Project which makes the festival world-renowned.


Bright balloons begin to hover over the promenades of Águeda.

AgitÁgueda FAQs

Who celebrates Agitágueda?

AgitÁgueda is an art festival organized by Águeda municipality in Portugal. It is celebrated during July month and people from all over the world participate in it.

Is Portugal known for art?

Portugal is a blending pot for European culture. It has incorporated art and culture from all over the world, making the country a center of art.

Why is Agitágueda celebrated?

AgitÁgueda is a month-long art festival to celebrate art and music in Portugal. It showcases the richness and diversity of Portuguese art and culture. The whole event also boosts the economy and supports many local and established artists, crafters, traders, and businesses.

AgitÁgueda Activities

  1. Visit AgitÁgueda

    This is a good month to visit Portugal and be a part of the 23-day long festival. Explore the city of Águeda and its historic architecture and art culture.

  2. Sponsor a ticket

    We all know at least one art and music enthusiast who would do anything to be a part of a festival like AgitÁgueda. This year, surprise that friend of yours by getting him a plane ticket to Águeda.

  3. Create art

    AgitÁgueda is the celebration of art and culture. If you are not able to visit the festival, create an art piece and exhibit it in your local art shop.

5 Facts About Portugal That You Should Know

  1. The first global empire

    Portugal was the first global empire and was a superpower in the late Middle Ages.

  2. Lusophone

    A Portuguese speaker is generally called a ‘lusophone.’

  3. Reach of Portuguese

    There are more than 250 million Portuguese speakers all over the world.

  4. The Treaty of Windsor

    The Treaty of Windsor between England and Portugal is the longest-running alliance.

  5. Fado music

    Fado is Portuguese music recognized by UNESCO as a form of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Why We Love AgitÁgueda

  1. It’s a month for music and art

    Music and art give meaning to our lives. We all enjoy it and having a month-long celebration makes us excited.

  2. It’s an exploration of Portuguese culture

    Portugal is an old country that has been continuously occupied since the ancient era. It has a rich history and culture, which we can explore during AgitÁgueda.

  3. It’s a large social gathering

    AgitÁgueda is a month-long festival that anyone can visit freely. It attracts people from all over the world and we love such large and diverse social gatherings.

AgitÁgueda dates

2022July 2Saturday
2023July 1Saturday
2024July 6Saturday
2025July 5Saturday
2026July 4Saturday

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