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Park visitations experience a hike on National Hop-A-Park Day, celebrated every first Saturday in July. This year, it falls on . On this day, thousands of people visit their community or favorite parks to relax, have fun, and get a better view of the beauties of nature packed up there. It is a day that big parks organize special sporting or leisure events for visitors and encourage those who don’t go to parks to start. With the holiday celebration, there isn’t a better day park executives and visitors relish more. Central Park comes to mind, but cities are spending time and money to create or upgrade their parks.


The evolution of parks spans over a thousand years. However, it is in the last 200 years that they started taking the form we see today. In the 1800s, many renowned parks were created. Today, we have different types of parks, including national, public, and pocket parks. All of these parks have one thing in common — they offer recreational services and access to greenery.

In the early days, Persian kings owned parks only for hunting. In 1634, the Boston Common public park was created. Yellowstone National Park, the first of its kind in the world, was established in 1872, while in the mid-1900s, mini (pocket) parks that measure only about a quarter of an acre but offer access to greenery like other park types began to spring up. The American government created the National Park Services in 1916 to oversee all the affairs of parks in the country. American cities take great pride in their urban parks. These include Central Park, world-renowned and easily recognizable to movie buffs. There is also Grant Park in Chicago, another example of an urban park. This park has a Millennium Park, three museums, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and gardens with sculptures.

There’s no known record of when National Hop-A-Park Day was created. Neither is it known who sponsors the holiday. Rationally, however, we can guess the holiday was created by those who wish to prod people to appreciate at least a day in nature. On National Hop-A-Park Day, people take a break from technology to breathe in the rarefied air in parks. They sit and relax, and play fun games or take a close look at the wonders of nature. The day is a way to get away from all things artificial and appreciate the natural endowments in parks.


First Official Public Park

The first official recorded public park is created in Boston.

Yellowstone National Park

The first national park in the world, Yellowstone National Park, is built.

Establishment of Park Service

The American National Park Service is established for national parks, while cities oversee more than 23 000 parks in urban America by 2021.

Creation of Mini Parks

Small-acre parks known as pocket parks begin appearing.


What is the most famous park?

In America, the most famous park is said to be the Central Park in New York City. It is seen as such because of the number of visitors that visit it — tens of millions of visitors every year.

What are the different types of parks?

There is no fixed classification of parks. However, parks are generally grouped as urban/public, national, mini/pocket, reserve, cultural, and neighborhood parks.

What do you mean by small parks?

Small parks, also called mini or pocket parks, cover a very small area of land. They are usually scattered in numbers around neighborhoods and can have some features of bigger parks like urban or national parks.


  1. Go to a park

    The best way to celebrate this day is to pay a visit to the nearest park around your vicinity. If you have a particular park in mind, you can even go to another city's park. Chill, breathe, and spend time with your family.

  2. Organize an event

    If you want to spice up your park visit, then why not organize a mini-event in the park with friends, family, or neighbors? It is sure going to be a lot of fun. You could include the members of a local group home, which would bless them.

  3. Know your favorite park's history

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know how your favorite parks came to be? Read up on the creation of the parks and have an edge over others whenever the history of parks is discussed.

5 Facts About Parks That May Interest You

  1. The earliest parks

    The Persian kings owned the earliest parks, created for hunting.

  2. World smallest park

    The Mill Ends Park in Portland, Oregon is the world's smallest park — it is on a median and consists of one tree.

  3. Most visited national park

    The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee is the most visited national park in the world with over 12 million annual visitors.

  4. Distinct geographical features

    The Death Valley National Park is the hottest, driest, and lowest place in the U.S.

  5. Home to Wonders

    The Sequoia tree and Alaskan brown bears, two of the world's largest living things, are found in national parks.


  1. It exposes us to nature's beauty

    There's nothing that surpasses watching nature's beauty in reality, rather than over the phone or on computer screens. Hop-A-Park Day makes us appreciate nature.

  2. It increases park revenue

    There is no doubt parks enjoy a higher influx of visitors on this day. It amounts to them generating more income – a good increment to national or state coffers.

  3. It facilitates togetherness

    With the number of people who go to parks on this day, communities are bound to have that feeling of reunion and togetherness. This is good because it increases the bond between them.


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