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FriJul 5

National Apple Turnover Day – July 5, 2024

The National Apple Turnover Day on July 5 has got us excited because we love all things pie, especially when you add portability to the equation. Apple turnovers are one of the most popular pie recipes out there. Their sweet and tangy flavor mixed with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg makes for a great treat to have during any time of the day. Apples remain in season throughout the year, so you can always get the freshest or the tastiest bunch for creating your version of the pie. The recipe is not only much easier to make than a traditional pie, but it is also easier to have it on the go. Fun fact: apple turnovers (or turnovers, in general) are known as portable pies. 

History of National Apple Turnover Day

It is uncertain as to when or who celebrated the first National Apple Turnover Day. If we were to look at the first recorded instance of an apple turnover, our efforts will be futile because that remains a mystery. However, fret not because even if we do not know much about the origins of the dish, we can still talk about its popularity, starting from the old days to the modern ages. Historians state that the sweet treat grew in popularity during the 17th century. It began in a French town called Saint-Calais, which was situated in the Sarthe region. The town was suffering through an epidemic, and to aid them with food supplies, the Lady of the Town, known as the chatelaine, distributed flour, butter, and apples. The townspeople made apple turnovers using the ingredients, and soon, the town’s situation slowly started to improve. Today, the town celebrates the dish during the ‘Chaussons aux Pommes’ (Apple Turnover) Festival each year. 

Going a little forward in history, the recipe started appearing in cookbooks from the 1750s in England. At the time, recipes were printed in cookbooks only if they were popular with the public. One of the most popular apple turnover recipes included Granny Smith apples, dark brown sugar, cinnamon, lemon, and phyllo sheet. Apple turnovers were actively being freshly made and sold at local bakeries and restaurants. Soon, people were swapping apples for other fruits, and many actually substituted sweet with savory. You can find a turnover recipe in many cultures of the world. The Chinese have dim sums while the Indians have samosas and the Spanish have empanadas.

National Apple Turnover Day timeline

Apple Turnovers Saved a French Town

A French town, St. Calais, going through an epidemic is saved when apple turnovers are made by the people as a nutritious source of food.

Apple Turnover English Recipe Publication

An apple turnover/pastry is published in an English recipe book for the first time.

The Term is Invented

Sarah Tyson Rorer publishes her housekeeping book, which also contains recipes, including the portable apple pies that she calls ‘apple turnovers’.

21st Century
McDonald’s Starts Selling Apple Turnovers

McDonald’s, the famous American fast-food chain, starts selling apple turnovers as one of its signature dishes.

National Apple Turnover Day FAQs

When is the National Apple Turnover Day?

National Apple Turnover Day is celebrated on July 5 each year. 

Where did apple turnovers originate from?

The exact location and inventor of apple turnovers remain unclear. But many historians believe the recipe first came into existence in a French town known as Saint-Calais. The town was going through an epidemic, and to help provide the townspeople with energetic foods, the Lady of the Town gave people flour, butter, and apples. The result was apple turnovers. 

How long do apple turnovers last?

Apple turnovers can last between three to four days. They are best eaten when they are freshly baked, but you store them in the refrigerator in airtight containers to keep them fresh and tasty. 

National Apple Turnover Day Activities

  1. Devour an apple turnover

    You can have an apple turnover for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea time snack, or midnight snack … it’s THAT versatile! Enjoy the pie with a dollop of cream or chocolate, or as is.

  2. Make an apple turnover

    Making an apple turnover is one of the easiest things you can bake. Combine all the ingredients (except for the pastry sheet, of course!) and let it simmer over medium heat. Once done, put the filling into pastry sheets, fold them over, and stick those bad boys into the oven or fry them.

  3. Learn more about apple turnovers

    Apple turnovers’ origins might be unclear, but that shouldn’t stop you from researching the treat that is legendary for saving a French town. Furthermore, turnovers, in general, are amazing things in and of themselves, so while you’re at it, research the history of turnovers, too.

5 Facts About Pies That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Egyptian pies from 6000 B.C.

    The recipe for pies can be traced back to 6000 B.C. when Egyptians invented them using fruits, honey, nuts, and bread dough.

  2. 186 million pies sold per year

    Each year, the American grocery stores sell 186 million pies, which are enough to circle our planet and beyond.

  3. The heaviest pie

    The heaviest pie weighed around 23,237 lbs and it was made in 1998 by 17 students from Stratford-upon-Avon College.

  4. Ban on meat pies

    In the 17th century, meat pies were banned by Oliver Cromwell, Lord of the Commonwealth, as he viewed the dish’s consumption as gluttony.

  5. Apple pie the most favorite

    24 American states voted apple pie as their most favored pie flavor.

Why We Love National Apple Turnover Day

  1. It’s a celebration of apple turnovers

    Apple turnovers have come a long way since ancient times. The dish has grown in popularity and has been lauded as the savior of a French town. These beloved portable pies have also been a part of many people’s daily lives. From carrying it in lunchboxes for school to grabbing it on the way to offices, the humble apple pie is everywhere.

  2. It’s a celebration of pies

    Pies deliver the best of both worlds with their versatility. Whether you are a fan of the sweet or you lean towards the savory, pies have gotcha covered! Depending on the fillings and their compatibility, you can also mix and match both sweet and savory to take it to the next level.

  3. It’s a celebration of culinary identities

    Pies have been known to humanity for quite a while now. This means that different cultures have given pies their own twist to make them their own. For example, the Middle East has baklava, while the South Asians have a variety of recipes infused with spices.

National Apple Turnover Day dates

2024July 5Friday
2025July 5Saturday
2026July 5Sunday
2027July 5Monday
2028July 5Wednesday

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