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SunApr 20

National Cheddar Fries Day – April 20, 2025

National Cheddar Fries Day, on April 20, is all about stuffing your face with the best cheddar fries you can get your hands on! Since the day was created by Snuffer’s Restaurant and Bar, tradition requires you to head over to their outlet and devour some scrumptious fries. Live too far away from Snuffer’s? In that case, just book a table at your favorite eatery or, better yet, stay in and cook your own cheddar fries version for your loved ones. The motto of the day: Eat, eat, and repeat!

History of National Cheddar Fries Day

In 2016, Snuffer’s Restaurant and Bar in Dallas submitted a request to celebrate a National Cheddar Fries Day. This appeal wasn’t surprising at all since the eatery is quite famous for its cheddar fries made from Idaho potato and aged Wisconsin cheese. This delicious creation, however, has existed in Snuffer’s since 1978 and gained them national recognition since this was an intriguing variation of the ever-so-famous cheese fries.

Hence, it wasn’t a surprise when they asked for a National Cheddar Fries Day. In 2016, the first-ever National Cheddar Fries Day was celebrated where Snuffer’s offered free cheddar fries to a few lucky guests as well as the chance to win free cheddar fries for a year. Before your mouth starts watering, let’s look at the history of cheese fries.

Cheese fries started being produced in the U.S. around 1952 after Cheez Whiz gained popularity and soon became one of the favorite side dishes of every household. Whether for lunch or dinner, cheese fries became a fast-food item that was filling, tantalizing to the taste buds, and easy to prepare. Today, different variations of cheese fries are found all over the globe — cheddar cheese fries being one of the most famous. Other cheesy versions include mozzarella and Swiss cheese fries. Read on to find out more interesting details about the day and how you can make the most of it!

National Cheddar Fries Day timeline

The Real French Fries

Potatoes are fried in France for consumption.

Fries at the White House

Thomas Jefferson has fried potatoes served at a White House dinner party — he calls them “potatoes served in a French manner.”

Fries For All

French fries become commercialized in the U.S.

The First Cheese Fries

Austin Ruse creates chili cheese fries while working at a Dairy Queen.

National Cheddar Fries Day FAQs

What day is National Cheddar Day?

National Cheddar Day is celebrated on February 13, every year. This day honors cheddar cheese for all its rich, creamy goodness.

Is there a national picnic day?

Yes, National Picnic Day falls on April 23.

Are cheese fries bad for you?

According to “Insider,” yes, quite: “French fries are far from nutritious, but when topped with melted cheese sauce, they become one of the unhealthiest foods you can eat. In addition to French fries soaking up all the oil from the deep fryer, the cheese sauce splattered on top adds another layer of saturated fat and salt.”

How to Celebrate National Cheddar Fries Day

  1. Create an Asian version of cheddar fries

    Though there are numerous versions of cheese fries sold all over the U.S., why not spice things up and fuse the recipe with Asian ingredients. Don’t forget to upload a photo of your creation to social media!

  2. Host a cheddar fries competition

    To celebrate the day and have some fun, host a cheddar fries competition! You could have people cook different versions of cheese fries and award the prize to the one with the tastiest recipe.

  3. Create a monument of cheddar fries for the holiday

    Not much into cooking? Simply turn to arts and crafts and create a monument of cheddar fries, just for fun! You can even have the monument displayed at a local eatery on this special day, with their permission, of course.

Five Fun Facts About Cheese Fries

  1. Cheese fries are unhealthy

    Fries are super oily and cheese added to it is just another layer of saturated fat and salt.

  2. Cheese fries or a meal?

    Cheese fries can add up to 560 calories to your diet.

  3. Cheese fries with beer!

    One of the variations of cheese fries includes loaded beer cheese fries!

  4. More than a few cheesy versions

    There are over 1,800 types of cheese in the world — this means you can make more than 1800 versions of cheese fries.

  5. Consume when hot

    French fries of all types, including cheese fries are supposed to be consumed immediately — they lose their quality once refrigerated.

Why We Celebrate National Cheddar Fries Day

  1. It promotes the U.S. culture

    Since cheese fries were created in the U.S., celebrating this day highlights the unique culture of the country to all the visiting foreigners. This, in effect, benefits the economy in the long run as people traveling from all over the world would want to try the delicious American cheese fries.

  2. Leads to a creation of new dishes

    Days such as these are intriguing and often lead to the creation of new and interesting dishes. There are already so many versions of cheese fries available!

  3. A great way for waiters to earn something extra

    When people visit eateries for cheese fries on this special day, the waiters end up earning a good amount of tips.

National Cheddar Fries Day dates

2025April 20Sunday
2026April 20Monday
2027April 20Tuesday
2028April 20Thursday
2029April 20Friday

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