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National Freelance Business Week – April 21-27, 2025

National Freelance Business Week takes place every year during the third week of April. This year, it takes place from April 21 to 27. While freelance businesses are run independently, there is still power in unity and a sense of community to keep moving onwards and upwards. This week brings together freelance businesses and owners to exchange thoughts and ideas, ask and answer questions, and feel like a part of a bigger community.

History of National Freelance Business Week

Freelancing is an idea that has been around for hundreds of years. The word ‘freelance’ first appeared in print in the early 19th century. “The Life and Times of Hugh Miller” by Thomas N. Brown was the first publication to use the term. Following that, Sir Walter Scott referenced it in his work, “Ivanhoe”. Originally, ‘freelancers’ were mercenary soldiers who sold their services in the Middle Ages, which is quite analogous to its present-day meaning.

As the centuries passed, the term outgrew its military roots and gained prominence in the corporate world. There were no significant changes in meaning during this transition. Freelancers still compete in the market, sell their products and services to numerous businesses, and get paid in return.

A modern-day freelancer is a person who is self-employed and is not dedicated to a single employer for the long term. Sometimes, freelancers choose a firm or a temporary agency to represent them and resell their services; on the other hand, some prefer to work independently or through professional associations or websites.

Emily Leach, a pioneer of sorts in the freelancing world, is of the firm belief that freelancers work best in an active, uplifting community. She built the largest freelance community in the U.S. and declared every third week of April to be National Freelance Business Week.

National Freelance Business Week timeline


Sir Walter Scott refers to military ‘free-lancers’.

Freelancers are Recognized

Federal and state agencies begin considering freelancers within their policies.

National Freelance Business Week

Emily Leach declares that every third week of April will celebrate independent workers.

Freelance Takes Over

Freelancing accounts for a majority of the U.S. workforce.

National Freelance Business Week FAQs

What is a freelance business?

A freelance business provides services independently and is not associated with an employer for the long term.

How do I start freelancing?

The first step is to determine what you would like to sell. Then, it is all about putting your services out there and developing a reputation in the space.

Can a beginner freelance?

Yes, it is possible to start freelancing without any prior experience.

National Freelance Business Week Activities

  1. Explore the freelance world

    Look at all the freelance businesses out there and see if you can be a freelancer yourself. There are numerous services that you can turn into a freelance business.

  2. Try using freelance services

    Give a freelance business a chance. Maybe assign a small task to a freelance business this week and support them.

  3. Learn about freelance businesses

    There are many virtual and in-person sessions organized during National Freelance Business Week. Attend a networking session and learn more!

5 Interesting Freelance Businesses

  1. Dating profile writer

    A good dating profile write-up is always in demand.

  2. Baby name consultant

    Help confused parents find the perfect baby name.

  3. Professional cuddler

    This one isn’t for everyone, but it could help out quite a few.

  4. Youtuber

    This one allows you to be as creative as possible.

  5. Matchmaker

    Bring perfect matches together and put their anxious families at ease.

Why We Love National Freelance Business Week

  1. It creates a community

    Freelancing is something that is mostly done alone. This week creates a sense of community for freelancers and gives them a place to come to for support and inspiration.

  2. It widens our horizons

    We have come a long way from just having a handful of career options. We can now turn nearly anything into a profitable business and be our own employers.

  3. It encourages exploration

    A week like this educates us on the new opportunities available and encourages us to explore different paths. There is even guidance from people who are already a part of this community.

National Freelance Business Week dates

2022April 18Monday
2023April 17Monday
2024April 15Monday
2025April 21Monday
2026April 20Monday

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