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Animal Cruelty / Human Violence Awareness Week – April 15-21, 2024

Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week is observed during the third full week in April every year in the United Kingdom. This year, it takes place from April 15 to 21. The purpose of this week is to bring to light the inhumane acts of animal abuse and violence towards humans, and the connection that the two can have. Both of these acts are unwarranted and unacceptable in any way, and this week initiates much-needed conversation around the same. Animal cruelty and human violence are horrendous acts with a connection that can often go unnoticed.

History of Animal Cruelty / Human Violence Awareness Week

Looking back at history, there is a plethora of archaeological evidence that has been considered for the study of violence and cruelty. There have been many proposed theories attributing the origin of violent acts to archeological remains found of humans and animal skeletons, however, none have been concrete enough to confirm a time of origin. The remains were only suggestive of individual incidents and could not be used to generalize a time period.

What we do know, however, is that the evidence of prehistoric acts of violence is minimal compared to the geographical area and population at the time. This helps us determine that our D.N.A. is not predisposed to violence. Instead, acts of violence are a result of historic and social factors and are a product of society and culture as a whole. The silver lining to this unfortunate fact is that this means that we as a society can also be in charge and collectively put an end to inhumane acts.

Behaviors of cruelty and violence against neither animals nor humans are right or justified in any way. Studies show that domestic abusers are more likely to target pets for animal cruelty. Domestic and child abusers exhibit violent tendencies that are indicative of their capability and inclination towards also being animal abusers.

Violence is never the answer to anything, and there must be a change brought to end these horrific acts that are unfortunately still quite common in our society. Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week intends to bring members of society together to join hands against these acts and move towards a better tomorrow.

Animal Cruelty / Human Violence Awareness Week timeline

780,000 Years Ago
Violence Begins

The violent act of cannibalism is traced back to this time within nomadic societies.

14,000 Years Ago
Deadly Violence

Evidence approximately dates back to this time for the emergence of violent deaths.

Animals During the Renaissance

Thousands of dogs and cats are blamed for spreading illness and are subsequently executed.

Martin’s Act

An act is passed to help end animal cruelty towards cattle.

Animal Cruelty / Human Violence Awareness Week FAQs

What is the most common violence?

The most common type of violent act is domestic abuse.

What are the effects of animal cruelty?

There are dire physical, emotional, and mental effects of animal cruelty.

What causes violence?

Violence can be caused by many psychological, societal, emotional, physical, or even environmental and cultural factors.

How to Observe Animal Cruelty / Human Violence Awareness Week

  1. Take a step

    If you see animal cruelty or human violence occurring around you, reach out to the concerning authorities and take a step to put it to an end. Every little bit counts to bring a big change.

  2. Pass it forward

    Educate future generations on the importance of treating other beings with humanity and compassion. Teach them the gravity of violent acts and the need to put an end to them.

  3. Provide support

    Get involved with local organizations for victims of animal cruelty and human violence. Donate supplies, money, or even your time to them and contribute somehow.

5 Upsetting Facts About Violence

  1. It’s very common

    One animal is abused every minute.

  2. There is a connection

    Around 71% of domestic abusers have also been violent towards animals.

  3. Some are more susceptible than others

    Women make up 85% of all domestic violence victims.

  4. They go unheard

    Most domestic violence cases are never reported.

  5. It has implications

    Many victims of violence are forced to flee their homes and be homeless.

Why Animal Cruelty / Human Violence Awareness Week is Important

  1. It is prevalent

    Violence against humans and animals is still very common and happens all around us. In fact, most cases of such acts go unnoticed and unreported. It is important to bring awareness to the same.

  2. We need change

    Something needs to be done to put an end to violence in all forms. A change of this gravity needs to be initiated and can only come if society joins hands to do so. This week is a reminder of that.

  3. Awareness is key

    This week encourages open conversation and dialogue around these two very important topics and the unseen connection between them. Awareness is the first step toward generating much-needed change.

Animal Cruelty / Human Violence Awareness Week dates

2022April 18Monday
2023April 17Monday
2024April 15Monday
2025April 21Monday
2026April 20Monday

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