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FriJul 5

National Graham Cracker Day – July 5, 2024

The month of July calls for many celebrations around a firepit, with one of them being the National Graham Cracker Day on July 5. The extremely renowned crackers make for great s’mores, pie bases, and crispy crumb coating for your fried foodstuff. Graham crackers were originally invented as a healthy alternative to eating other foods that were thought to cause epilepsy, tuberculosis, and a range of other illnesses. The recipe for the crackers included graham flour, brans, and grains. The crackers were on the blander side with the slightest hints of sweetness. Soon, people realized that the somewhat bland taste of the crackers made for a great addition to pie, cake, and frying recipes.

History of National Graham Cracker Day

National Graham Cracker Day celebrates graham crackers, which have interesting origins. The story goes that a reverend from the 19th century called Sylvester Graham, who was part of the temperance movement that wanted to curb the intake of alcohol, invented the crackers as a way of controlling lustful desires. He believed that a simple vegetarian diet and lifestyle was how God intended human beings to live. The people who followed him were called ‘Grahamites’, and together, these people led one of the first all-vegetarian movements in America. According to Graham, such a lifestyle, free of sins related to lust and gluttony, also kept diseases like tuberculosis, spinal diseases, and insanity at bay. Thus, he created the graham cracker recipe from coarsely ground wholewheat flour, brans, and grains. The reverend added only a little sweetness to make it easier to consume, but he kept the flavors mainly bland. 

As commercialization and industrialization started gaining momentum all over the world graham crackers started being produced commercially. The commercialized version had different flavorings and ingredients. They were made with refined and bleached flour, and had additions like cinnamon, sugar, honey, and chocolate. Eventually, other companies tried to reproduce similar crackers with their own flavor combinations. Because of their versatility, you can use the crackers in a number of recipes, both sweet and savory. 

National Graham Cracker Day timeline

19th Century
Graham Crackers Invented

Reverend Sylvester Graham invents graham crackers as a way to combat sins like lust and gluttony.

Graham Crackers Commercialization

The United States starts producing graham crackers on a commercial scale.

Another Company Produces Graham Crackers

Another company by the name of Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company starts producing and selling graham crackers.

Honey Grahams are Produced

Graham crackers are produced as Honey Grahams by the National Biscuit Company.

National Graham Cracker Day FAQs

When is National Graham Cracker Day?

National Graham Crackers Day is commemorated on July 5 every year. 

What can you use instead of graham crackers?

You can use potato chips, pretzels, grains, oats, crushed ice cream cones, and other similar food items. 

Were graham crackers invented to taste bad?

The original graham crackers weren’t made to be tasty. Sylvester Graham, a reverend, made the crackers using wholewheat flour, wheat bran, and ground germ. 

National Graham Cracker Day Activities

  1. Go crackers with the crackers

    The amount of things you can do with graham crackers is limitless! You can crush them and use them as a coating for things like meat or other fried items. You can also eat them as appetizers or finger food served with sour cream and vegetables.

  2. Try the classic s’mores

    The combination of chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers is a match made in heaven. The unique and distinct flavors of each of these items go so well together that just thinking about it makes our mouths water!

  3. Make a new graham-crackers recipe

    Put your culinary skills to the test to come up with a new recipe involving graham crackers. If you cannot think of any recipe, you can research one and try it for yourself, modifying it to your taste as you go along.

5 Facts About S’mores That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The first s’mores

    The first recorded record of s’mores dates back to 1927, found in a Girl Scouts handbook by the name of “Tramping and Trailing.”

  2. The original name

    S’mores were originally called ‘some mores’, and it was years of usage that led to it being shortened to s’mores.

  3. Summer marshmallow sales for s’mores

    According to a study, about 50% of the marshmallow sales during the summertime are intended to be used for s’mores.

  4. Hot coals best for cooking s’mores

    Marshmallows mounted on a metal rod above a coal fire will cook more evenly as opposed to other methods.

  5. Almost a quarter of the population love s’mores

    20% of Americans love s’mores so much that they make them all year round.

Why We Love National Graham Cracker Day

  1. It’s a celebration of graham crackers

    Graham crackers are a childhood favorite. They bring back memories while also becoming important parts of other stages of life. They are a great addition to many recipes, only working to further enhance the flavors and levels of the food.

  2. It’s a celebration of adaptability

    One of the great things about graham crackers is how easily they can adapt to any environment you have them in. You can have them around a campfire or in the comfort of your home, it doesn’t matter! The great taste will remain the same no matter how you choose to have it.

  3. It’s a celebration of recipes

    Graham crackers can be bland, but that is actually one of their greatest features! Their blandness allows them to seamlessly blend in with many foods and their different flavors.

National Graham Cracker Day dates

2024July 5Friday
2025July 5Saturday
2026July 5Sunday
2027July 5Monday
2028July 5Wednesday

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