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SatJul 6

International Cherry Pit Spitting Day – July 6, 2024

International Cherry Pit Spitting Day, celebrated on the first Saturday in July, has made us realize more can be done with cherries than just eating them. This year it is celebrated on July 6. Cherry pit spitting is the act of spitting out remains of cherries from one’s mouth to send them as far away as possible. Thousands of people, comprising contestants and spectators around the U.S., gather at specified venues to participate and witness this exciting holiday.

History of International Cherry Pit Spitting Day

International Cherry Pit Spitting Day is a day specially created to host cherry pit spitting competitions around the world. The origin of the day is associated with Herb Teichman. He is the owner of Tree-mendus Fruit Farm. They first held a fun competition of cherry pit spitting in 1974 at his farm. Unbeknownst to Teichman, his innovation would be elevated to the status of an international event. The international competition that is organized in different locations around the United States generally involves standing on a mark and spitting out cherry pits as far as possible.

Each contestant is given three tries and the longest shot out of the three is recorded. The contestant with the longest recorded range is declared the winner. Today, the competition is divided into different categories to match people of different age groups and specifications. Cherry pit spitting is practiced in Australia, France, Germany, Canada, and the U.S. The states in which they are most popular are Michigan and Utah. The “sport” is popular, although there are no leagues organized.

Since 1980, the Krause and Lessard families have dominated the competition, although someone outside the two families often beats them. For example, in 1992, Bob Ickes of Dowagiac, Michigan won with a 58 feet two inches spit, while Ron Matt of Chicago won the competition in 2012 with a spitting range of 69 feet.

The current Guinness World Record for the longest range shot belongs to Brian “Young Gun” Krause, a member of the Krause family who recorded a cherry pit spitting distance of 93 ft 6.5 inches in 2004. He would go on to record an even farther spit, albeit in a freestyle display. Sadly, Teichman’s Tree-mendus Fruit Farm was sold in 2020 in an auction, bringing an end to the competition in Michigan. Despite this, the tradition continues all over during the cherry-picking time.

International Cherry Pit Spitting Day timeline

First cherry pit spitting

Herb Teichman organizes the first cherry pit spitting contest on his farm in Michigan just for fun.

Guinness Book of Records

Brian “Young Gun” sets the “Guinness Book of World Records” award for the longest cherry pit spitting.

Second-highest pit spitting record

Ron Matt of Chicago records the second-longest spit with a range of 69 feet.

Selling of The Tree-mendus Fruit Farm

The ancestral place where the first cherry pit spitting competition is sold.

International Cherry Pit Spitting Day FAQs

How long do cherries live for?

Depending on the varieties, sweet cherry trees can live between 10 and 15 years, while tart cherries may live 20-25 years. This lifespan can also be affected by the topography of the planting site.

Why is the cherry called ‘cherry?’

The name cherry originated from a Turkish town called Cerasus. Turkey still holds the record of being the world’s largest producer of cherries. Cherries migrated with colonists from Europe in the 1600s.

What are the health benefits of cherry seeds?

It helps in treating diarrhea and reducing fevers. The stone fruit could also be used for the reduction of inflammations caused by some respiratory infections.

International Cherry Pit Spitting Day Activities

  1. Visit the Tree-mendus Fruit Farm

    Visit the originating place of the cherry pit spitting competition and go on a tour around the farm. It will be a tasty, fragrant experience even without spitting pits!

  2. Host your own Cherry Pit Spitting

    Host a cherry pit spitting competition in your locality. Call on friends, family, and interested individuals to join in marking the day. The objective is to make sure people get to share in the celebration.

  3. Prepare different forms of cherry

    Cherries can be prepared in different forms. They can be eaten fresh or blended and mixed with other fruits to give a different taste and look. Cherry pie is a favorite, and what would a sundae be without a cherry on top?

5 Facts About Cherries That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Average cherry tree produce

    An average of 7,000 cherries are produced by a single cherry tree.

  2. Fast harvest

    Vigorous shaking of the cherry tree can harvest the fruits for you in as little as seven seconds.

  3. Special cherry trees

    The Japanese cherry blossom tree does not produce cherries, just as other varieties of cherry trees are planted only for decorations.

  4. Cherry capital of the world

    Michigan is among the top producers of cherries and is considered the cherry capital of the world.

  5. Ideal weather for growth

    The ideal weather conditions for growing tart cherries are found in the Midwest, in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Why We Love International Cherry Pit Spitting Day

  1. It improves health

    The fiber in cherries helps to relieve constipation. In addition, the fruit is rich in potassium which helps to maintain steady blood pressure.

  2. It is rewarding

    Participation in the cherry pit spitting competitions rewards contestants. They are designated as victors and might probably be recorded in history books if they break records.

  3. It provides income

    With the number of cherries bought and consumed on the day, farmers gain a lot of money and rewards for their efforts. So it helps boost their farms whilst being fun.

International Cherry Pit Spitting Day dates

2022July 2Saturday
2023July 1Saturday
2024July 6Saturday
2025July 5Saturday
2026July 4Saturday

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