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Algeria Independence Day – July 5, 2024

Algeria Independence Day is celebrated annually on July 5. The day marks Algeria’s independence from France. The war for independence lasted eight years, and it was one of the longest and most devastating periods in Algerian history, ending in 1962. On Independence Day, there is a strong sense of unity and cultural pride throughout all the festivities. The flag, which is green and white, is flown proudly throughout the country and symbolizes Algeria’s freedom. Parades, cultural events, and concerts are hosted and well attended by the public.

History of Algeria Independence Day

The war for independence began in 1954 and ended in 1962. This turning point in Algerian history came about after a long period where racial tensions were brewing. The European settlers lived in poverty, which fanned the flames of their racism. Bigotry, racism, and prejudices created an “us” vs. “them” divide, and the Arabo-Berber population was seen and treated as second-class citizens.

On November 1, 1954, the Front de Libération Nationale (F.L.N.) launched a series of attacks throughout the country, putting a start to the war of independence. Although France won many battles throughout the conflict, the brutality of the war did not garner public favor. This further alienated the Algerians and resulted in a loss of support for France’s control of Algeria by France and the international community.

Eventually, a ceasefire was signed by France and the F.L.N. on March 18, 1962, at Evian, France. Algerian independence was officially recognized by Charles de Gaulle on Tuesday, July 3, 1962. The U.S. and Great Britain followed suit shortly afterward. Two days after sovereignty was secured, Algerian Independence Day was designated a national holiday.

It is estimated that between 350,000 and one million Algerians died during the war. More than two million Muslims were refugees or forcibly relocated into government-controlled camps, and sources estimated that at least 70,000 Muslim civilians were killed or abducted and presumed killed by the F.L.N. Now the nation’s flag is proudly flown across the country as a symbol of freedom on this day.

Algeria Independence Day timeline

The First Attacks are Launched

On November 1, the National Liberation Army launches attacks throughout Nigeria.

Civilian Attacks at Philippeville

In August, the F.L.N. massacres civilians near the town of Philippeville, beginning a full-scale war.

The Ceasefire is Signed

On March 18, the ceasefire is signed by France and the F.L.N.

Independence is Declared

On July 5, Algeria achieves independence from France after an eight-year-long war.

Algeria Independence Day FAQs

What is Revolution Day in Algeria?

Revolution Day is a national holiday in Algeria that commemorates the start of the war against France.

Why did France give up Algeria?

France gave up Algeria for strategic and political reasons.

What language do they speak in Algeria?

They speak Arabic and Standard Algerian Berber.

How to Observe Algeria Independence Day

  1. Wear green and white

    Wear green and white to show your support. These are the colors of the Algerian flag.

  2. Host an Independence Day party

    Invite your friends, cook traditional Algerian food, put on some traditional Algerian music, and celebrate at home. It’s the best way to honor the day!

  3. Share on social media

    Share your knowledge or celebrations on social media. This will help to create awareness online.

5 Interesting Facts About Algeria

  1. It is the largest country in Africa

    Algeria is the largest country in Africa and the 10th largest in the world.

  2. It is mostly desert

    It is part of the Sahara Desert, and the desert makes up four-fifths of the country's area.

  3. It boasts two Nobel Prize winners

    Albert Camus and Claude Cohen-Tannoudji both received a Nobel Prize: Camus won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1957 and Cohen-Tannoudji won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997.

  4. Home to the world's smallest fox

    The fennec fox is the world's smallest fox and the national animal of Algeria.

  5. It has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    Algeria has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites — the most famous is Timgad, a Roman city dating to around 100 A.D.

  6. Algeria exports camels

    The U.S. Army used to import camels from Algeria.

Why Algeria Independence Day is Important

  1. It's a celebration of freedom

    After many years under colonial rule and a long, devastating war, we love celebrating Algeria's freedom. This day is dedicated to celebrating their independence.

  2. It creates awareness

    Algeria's Independence Day creates awareness. The day gives others the opportunity to learn about the history of Algeria.

  3. We love the patriotism

    There is a strong sense of pride and unity as Algerians celebrate their independence. We feel that pride with them today.

Algeria Independence Day dates

2024July 5Friday
2025July 5Saturday
2026July 5Sunday
2027July 5Monday
2028July 5Wednesday

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