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TueFeb 11

Get Out Your Guitar Day – February 11, 2025

Get Your Guitar Out Day is celebrated annually on February 11. Let’s be honest, there was a time where we all played our guitars passionately, imagining a crowd in front of us in a stadium under the blazing lights. But life happened, and we all grew up. Where is your guitar now? Probably gathering dust in the corner of your room or in the attic. It’s okay, we’ve all been there! Consider this day as a wake-up call, and get out your guitar and play it like the good old days.

History of Get Out Your Guitar Day

Music takes us on an adventure, be it love, heartbreak, traveling, joy, or sadness, the music makes us feel. Lots of people love different musical instruments, but guitars top the list for most of us. Do you remember those days you tuned your guitar for hours just to get the right tune? That pure joy you get when you finally get the tune is what Get Your Guitar Out Day is all about.

Unfortunately, there is not much history on Get Your Guitar Out Day; however, the guitars themselves have a great history. According to researchers, the guitar made its first appearance in Persia (now Iran). It had only four strings and was much slimmer than the modern-era guitars. Later, when Greeks started using the stringed instrument, they spread it across the Mediterranean trade routes, where it was adopted by Romans and was named ‘Chitara’.

The Romans spread it across Europe, and in the 1500s, it got a redesign, and it did not have six double-strings. Over the next 100 years, people noted that they could further improve the design of these instruments, and it slowly started taking the shape of the modern guitars that we use now. By the early 1900s, guitars became popular instruments all across the world.

This was further boosted with the invention of electric guitars. Popular musicians and artists started using electric guitars, and from then on, guitars in any form or shape were an instant hit.

If you’ve forgotten your amazing guitar in your busy life, this is your opportunity to bring out that side of you. So, get your guitar out and pump out your emotions.

Get Out Your Guitar Day timeline

1500 B.C.
The First Guitar-Like Instrument

The first record of a guitar-like instrument with four strings is found in Iran.

1300 B.C.
Greeks Make It Popular

Greeks invent stringed instruments and make them popular across the Mediterranean trade routes.

The Arrival of the Modern Guitar

Spanish artist Antonio Torres Jurado crafts an acoustic guitar — the modern classical guitar.

Discovery of the First Electric Guitar

The first electrically amplified guitar is discovered, and musicians begin using it.

Get Out Your Guitar Day FAQs

Is the guitar easy to learn?

Like any other music instrument, once you understand the basics and practice daily, the guitar will be easier and joyful.

Can I teach myself the guitar?

Of course, you can! With lots of tutorials on the internet, you can learn guitar on your own.

Why do guitars have six strings?

The six strings in guitars allow you to produce pitches in both high and low ranges. Of course, some have eight strings too.

Get Out Your Guitar Day Activities

  1. Gather your band

    Well, the best way to celebrate Get Your Guitar Out Day is by gathering all your friends and family together and playing it. If they have a guitar too — great. Order some food and rock on!

  2. Bring back your old memories

    Take your guitar to the place where you felt the first vibration of the strings, the place that holds a beautiful memory in your heart, and play it there.

  3. Share your tunes on social media

    No tune is a bad tune! Record your tunes on your phone and post them on social media. Let the world celebrate your tune.

5 Important Facts About Guitars

  1. The world’s biggest guitar

    The world’s biggest functioning guitar is 42.7 feet in length and weighs over 2,255 lbs.

  2. He married a guitar

    A British performer, Chris Black, named his guitar ‘Brenda the Fenda’, and he married it with a congregation present in London.

  3. There is a guitar forest

    An Argentinian farmer named Pedro Martin Ureta planted a forest in the shape of a guitar. It is made up of cypress and eucalyptus trees.

  4. Fender makes 20,000 miles of string

    The Fender factory makes over 90,000 guitar strings every day, which is about 20,000 miles of string every year.

  5. There is a $2.8million guitar

    A unique guitar called ‘Reach Out To Asia’ was sold for a whopping $2.8million during an auction to raise funds for the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami victims.

Why We Love Get Out Your Guitar Day

  1. Guitars trigger emotion

    A guitar is more than just an instrument; it is an emotional trigger. The way it makes our soul happy and excited when we play it is out of this world.

  2. Guitars are awesome, even if you can’t play it

    Playing guitar is only half the joy. Even if you don’t know how to play one, you can listen to someone play and experience the same joy as when playing it.

  3. Guitars bring back memories

    For most of us, the guitar was once an inseparable part of our lives. But as time went by, we didn’t have the time to play it. However, playing it now will bring back all the beautiful memories of our past.

Get Out Your Guitar Day dates

2025February 11Tuesday
2026February 11Wednesday
2027February 11Thursday
2028February 11Friday
2029February 11Sunday

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