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National Emergency Number Day – February 11, 2025

National Emergency Number Day is observed in Finland on February 11 every year. However, they did not pick this day at random! The date is February 11 since the common European Union emergency number is 112. National Emergency Number Day aims to encourage people to identify dangerous situations and prevent accidents in schools, at home, and in all public spaces. The day also instructs people to act promptly and responsibly in emergencies and minimize the harm caused. National Emergency Number Day is also the day to update the emergency contact numbers on your phone.

History of National Emergency Number Day

Before 112, there used to be a wide variety of local emergency centers and emergency numbers in Finland. The national emergency number 000 was introduced in 1983, and the common emergency number 112 of the E.U. was set in 1993. The Emergency Response Center Agency was established in 2001, and the emergency number 10022 of the police was in use until 2011. And in 2021, the Emergency Response Center Agency in Finland could be reached at 112.

The current emergency number 112 was introduced in Europe in early 1993. 112 is the common emergency number of the E.U., but member states have significant differences in how the number works. In some countries, residents might need to use a combination of emergency numbers to have their grievances addressed.

The Emergency Response Center Agency is responsible for answering emergency calls, deciding their urgency, and alerting the rescue services, the police, the Border Guard, social services, or health care authorities for immediate and empathetic action. In 2019, a nationwide emergency response center information called the ERICA was introduced in the European Union. The introduction of the new emergency response information system made it possible to deploy an intricate model that would respond to emergencies and accidents. The new system allowed emergency response center services to be carried out with greater certainty and quality, including in mass congregation and disturbance events. National Emergency Number Day acknowledges the crucial work that first responders do in keeping us alive and safe.

National Emergency Number Day timeline


112 becomes the general emergency number worldwide because it’s easy to remember.

The First National Emergency Number Day

Also known as 112 Day, the day is observed in Finland for the first time.

112 Becomes Mandatory

The emergency number becomes mandatory in all E.U. member states.

112 in Sign Language

Finland introduces the emergency contact number in sign languages.

National Emergency Number Day FAQs

What happens if you dial 112?

You are redirected to the nearest emergency center when you call an emergency number.

Is 911 the same as 112?

911 is currently used in North America, while 112 is common across the E.U. and many other countries worldwide.

Does 112 track your location?

Yes, the emergency call center will know the location of calls placed to 112 from mobile phones.

How to Observe National Emergency Number Day

  1. Thank first responders

    A great way to celebrate National Emergency Number Day is by thanking first responders and those who work in emergency services. Thank them for their vigilance and selfless duty.

  2. Update your contact list

    Apart from the public helpline numbers, it’s also helpful to keep contacts of your friends and family on your emergency contact list. Observe National Emergency Number Day by updating your emergency contact list.

  3. Share the number

    Emergency numbers are crucial and must be memorized by everyone. Yet you will find many people who are unaware of them. List all the emergency numbers and share them with your friends on National Emergency Number Day.

5 Helpful Facts About Emergencies

  1. Never tilt your head back during nosebleeds

    Instead, pinch your nostrils for 10 minutes or so until the bleeding stops.

  2. Do not apply butter to burns

    Try using cool water on them instead.

  3. Do not put cold meat on a black eye

    The microorganisms in the meat can worsen the pain.

  4. Do not apply a hot compress to swollen ankles

    Cold is the best way to combat swelling.

  5. Help choking victims with the Heimlich maneuver

    Ensure you know how to do it properly, as applying the Heimlich maneuver without proper understanding can do more harm than good.

Why National Emergency Number Day is Important

  1. It saves lives

    Emergency numbers can save lives. In dangerous situations, emergency numbers are needed to summon help from first responders and experts. National Emergency Number Day celebrates the importance of these numbers.

  2. It’s an important initiative

    The initiative to have a common emergency number across the European Union is instrumental if you are stuck in unknown territories. It allows you to get help quickly without wasting time figuring out the local emergency numbers.

  3. It recognizes first responders

    National Emergency Number Day also celebrates the incredible work that first responders do. We acknowledge their crucial role in saving lives and maintaining law and order by thanking them on this day.

National Emergency Number Day dates

2025February 11Tuesday
2026February 11Wednesday
2027February 11Thursday
2028February 11Friday
2029February 11Sunday

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