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Islamic Revolution Day – February 11, 2025

Islamic Revolution Day, observed on February 11, marks the victory of the Islamic Revolution or Iranian Revolution in 1979. It is usually observed on the 22nd day of the Persian month of Bahman (February 11). Did you know that even after decades, the effect of this war is still shaping the world’s geopolitical order in many ways? Yes, the Islamic Revolution is one of the important events in the history of Iran.

History of Islamic Revolution Day

The Islamic Revolution was a global event that shook the world in 1979. The Islamic Revolution Day is a 10-day celebration for the anniversary of the victory of the Iranian Revolution. The history of the Iranian Revolution is an amazing story that everyone must know.

It all started when Mohammad Reza Pahlavi marched with his 3,000 troops into Tehran and overthrew the government. Pahlavi became prime minister and was later declared Shah, he promised to restore Iran to the former glory of the Persian Empire.

During his rule, many circularizing reforms were introduced to Iranian Society. This included building secular schools and a European-style university in Tehran. He implemented secular laws that existed outside of Sharia and even banned Iranian women from wearing the hijab. He was planning to westernize and modernize Iran.

The economic conditions in Iran were not improving. Shah Pahlavi also arrested the cleric, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who had made a speech attacking the Shah. This led to large-scale riots and protests erupting all over the country. The resistance further strengthened as people were opposed to the rule of the Shah, so he left Iran.

19 years later, Khomeini returned to Iran triumphantly and led the campaign that completely overthrew the Shah’s rule. A few months later, the government held a referendum on establishing the Islamic Republic based on a new constitution replacing the Persian monarchy. The 10 days after the return of Imam Khomeini until the revolution’s victory is celebrated annually in Iran.

Islamic Revolution Day timeline

The Rise of the Pahlavi Dynasty

The rule of the Pahlavi dynasty starts in Iran.

The Start of Disruption

Journalists, intellectuals, and political activists criticize the accumulation of power at the hands of Shah Pahlavi.

Protests Erupt

More than 15 cities in Iran begin protesting against the Shah’s rule.

The Shah Departs

The Shah and his family leave Iran for Egypt and hand over Iran to Prime Minister Bakhtiar.

The Victory

Iranians vote in nationwide elections for the Assembly of Experts, and Iran becomes ‘The Islamic Republic.’

Islamic Revolution Day FAQs

What caused the Islamic Revolution in Iran?

The conservative backlash opposing the westernization, modernization, and secularization efforts of the Shah caused the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

What did the Islamic Revolution lead to?

The Islamic Revolution in 1979 put an end to the Pahlavi dynasty.

When did Iran convert to Islam?

Islam was brought to Iran in 650 A.D. via Arab-Islamic conquest.

How to Observe Islamic Revolution Day

  1. Learn and educate others

    Learn more about this important world event and other events that shaped the world. Educate your friends and family about these events.

  2. Mourn for the Martyrs

    The victory of the Islamic Revolution did not come easily. Lots of people gave their lives for the welfare of their fellow citizens and the nation. So, you can mourn the Martyrs by observing a minute of silence.

  3. Participate in the rallies

    There will be huge rallies and marches in the cities celebrating the victory of the Islamic Revolution. Participate in these rallies and get the complete celebration experience.

5 Important Facts About The Islamic Revolution

  1. Shah wanted to westernize Iran

    During the reigns of Shah Pahlavi, he brought many reforms to modernize Iran.

  2. The U.S. sponsored an Iran coup

    In 1953, the U.S. sponsored a coup to overthrow Iran’s Prime Minister, Mohammad Mossadegh.

  3. There was a white revolution in Iran

    The Shah reforms earned the support of Western powers, including the white revolution and land reforms that led to social decline.

  4. The Shah was unaware of the disruptions

    The Shah didn’t realize the people were increasingly opposing his policies; on the contrary, he thought the people loved them.

  5. A festival to celebrate the monarchy

    In 1971, the Shah threw a festival to commemorate the 2,500 years of Monarchy in Iran.

Why Islamic Revolution Day is Important

  1. Islamic Revolution Day celebrates freedom

    Islamic Revolution Day is a day to celebrate the freedom and victory of the combined effort of people who wanted a country that they love. We love freedom!

  2. It shows us anything is possible

    If people can unite and fight against an absolute monarchy for years and come out as winners, what’s stopping us from doing things that others think impossible? See what impossible things you can do today!

  3. It shaped world history

    The Iranian Revolution is one of the most significant events in the history of the world. It defines many aspects of international relations today.

Islamic Revolution Day dates

2025February 11Tuesday
2026February 11Wednesday
2027February 11Thursday
2028February 11Friday
2029February 11Sunday

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