International Day of Women and Girls in Science – February 11, 2020

Tue Feb 11

Say hooray for chlorophyll, because February 11 is International Day of Women and Girls in Science! This day is an opportunity to place a much-needed focus on the accomplishments of women and girls in science. We should also take a chance to discuss the improvements society can take to increase the number of women in science and better help them succeed. Have some fun today by learning about female scientists and support young women in pursuit of a STEM career.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science timeline

December 22, 2015

UN Resolution Adopted

The General Assembly of the United Nations adopts a resolution to make February 11 of every year the International day of of Girl and Women in Science.


First Nobel Prize to a Woman

Physicist Marie Curie becomes the first women to win Nobel Prize

2700 BC

First Woman Scientist

Merit-Ptah had the words "chief physician" inscribed on her tomb

How to Observe International Day of Women and Girls in Science

  1. Go to a museum

    Nothing gets people interested in science like learning about the subject area. Learning about the women that have paved the way for future generations of girls is empowering and important. 

  2. Read a book 

    Can't make it to a museum? There are thousands of books online or in the local library that will help you scratch that science itch that's been gnawing at you lately. Find a biography or read about a great scientific discovery. 

  3. Do your own experiment 

    Are you more of the do it yourself type? Fine. There are plenty of experiments that you can do from the comfort of your home. Just make sure to keep it safe when you're pushing science to its new frontier

Why International Day of Women and Girls in Science is Important

  1. Science shouldn't be a male dominated field

    According to United Nations, despite efforts to push women into science, men are still more likely to graduate with a science related degree. In the hopes of securing gender equality, it's crucial that women are given the same opportunities as men. Bringing more women into science can only help in broadening the scope of field. 

  2. Women have already made contributions to science 

    Too often it feels like men are the ones standing on stages and accepting major awards in science. However, there are plenty of women in the world that have pushed science in ways that people might not know about. The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is the perfect opportunity to acknowledge these key figures. 

  3. The future is female 

    Gender should not be the reason girls don't get into science. Helping young women to develop interest in science should be paramount in any discussion of the future. Science should not be a gendered field. Different perspectives always help.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science dates

2020February 11Tuesday
2021February 11Thursday
2022February 11Friday
2023February 11Saturday
2024February 11Sunday