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TueFeb 11

National Latte Day – February 11, 2025

National Latte Day is celebrated on February 11 every year across the country. The day celebrates this delicious coffee drink made of espresso and steamed milk.

Lattes are one of the most popular drinks in the country. They have been a part of American and European culture for a long time. They are traditionally served hot, but as coffee shops have evolved, cold versions of lattes began to be served.

National Latte Day celebrates the popularity and deliciousness of this versatile drink.

History of National Latte Day

National Latte Day commemorates how delicious and versatile the cafe latte is.

Lattes are a type of milk coffee that originated in Italy. Lattes are made of a base of espresso topped with steamed milk. The drink is traditionally served at breakfast. Italians serve cafe lattes for breakfast with espresso brewed on a Moka pot on the stove. It is served with hot milk and no sugar.

While the cafe latte has been a part of European cuisine since the 17th century, it was only towards the 20th century that it started making appearances in coffee houses. The modern variation of the cafe latte, commonly called latte, is believed to have been invented in America. The drink was popularized in Seattle and spread widely as modern coffee shops became popular.

Today in Italy, the cafe latte is made in the same way as it has always been. Outside of Italy, in coffee shops, lattes are made with espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. Lattes are similar to cappuccinos, which are served with a thicker layer of milk foam. Iced lattes are also popular. In an iced latte, the chilled milk is poured over espresso on ice. They can be served with blended ice and several flavoring syrups depending on the client’s preference.

National Latte Day timeline

Cafe Lattes are Named

William Dean Howells writes an essay on his travels in Italy in which he mentions the ‘caffè e latte’, which means coffee with milk.

Modern Cafe Latte is Invented

Caffe Mediterraneum of Berkeley, California, claims that one of their owners likely invented the modern cafe latte.

Cafe Latte Becomes Popular

The latte becomes popular in Seattle and Washington and, later, throughout the country.

National Latte Day is Announced

Jefferson’s Coffee decides to celebrate this popular drink by announcing National Latte Day.

National Latte Day FAQs

Can lattes make you gain weight?

Coffee cannot cause weight gain but may promote weight loss by boosting the metabolism and aiding appetite control.

Is coffee stronger than lattes?

Regular coffee is stronger than a latte.

Are lattes sweet coffee?

Lattes are traditionally served sweet.

National Latte Day Activities

  1. Grab a latte

    The best day to get a latte is on National Latte Day. Go to your favorite coffee shop and grab your favorite variation of this drink.

  2. Learn how to make a latte

    Lattes are delicious and easy to make. Grab your Moka pot and brew up delicious coffee the way the Italians do it!

  3. Buy your barista a latte

    Baristas are on their feet all day making your delicious coffees. Why not pay it forward by buying them a latte on this day?

5 Facts About Lattes That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. You have to be specific in Italy

    Just ordering a ‘latte’ in an Italian cafe will get you milk, since the word ‘latte’ means milk — you need to ask for a ‘cafe latte’.

  2. The flat white is a latte variation

    Common in Australia and New Zealand, the flat white does not have any milk foam and is also known as a wet cappuccino.

  3. It can be served in a bowl

    In some parts of Europe where lattes are served in bowls, they are called ‘cafe au lait.’

  4. Calling people latte-drinkers can be insulting

    A popular political insult is to refer to people as latte-drinkers to imply that the people who drink lattes are elitist.

  5. There are tea lattes as well

    In South Asia, East Asia, and North America the lattes have been reinvented — the coffee base is replaced with tea to make tea lattes.

Why We Love National Latte Day

  1. Lattes are delicious

    Lattes are delicious and we love any excuse to get one. We want to use the day to justify our caffeine intake.

  2. Lattes make you happy

    Research states that caffeine releases feel-good hormones such as dopamine. Drink up and feel good.

  3. We love the variety

    Lattes are easy to customize with flavor syrups, temperature changes, and base changes. Lattes are the best way to choose how you want your caffeine!

National Latte Day dates

2025February 11Tuesday
2026February 11Wednesday
2027February 11Thursday
2028February 11Friday
2029February 11Sunday

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