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WedMay 22

Buy A Musical Instrument Day – May 22, 2024

Visit your nearest music store this Buy A Musical Instrument Day; celebrated annually on May 22. This day is, you guessed it, here to motivate you to create beautiful melodies with a brand new instrument. Let this day be the push you needed to get yourself a lovely musical instrument.

History of Buy A Musical Instrument Day

Music has been a crucial part of human society throughout history, with musical instruments occupying a special space in culture. People who created such instruments were revered by society. It is believed that the first such instruments were used for religious ceremonies or while hunting and were made of bones, shells, and wood. Over time, these instruments began to be used to create melodies, and musical entertainment was born.

Archaeological studies and remains show that musical instruments have evolved over time. Each generation improved the designs and creations that came before it until we arrived at the instruments of today.

The oldest musical instrument in the world is also the only one associated with Neanderthal culture. However, some instruments found, dating back to the Upper Paleolithic age, are disputed as the oldest ones in the world. The Renaissance period is widely believed to be the best time in the history of musical instruments. It was responsible for giving shape to many of the modern classical instruments. In the past century, musical instruments have been introduced to electronics, and now we also have electronic instruments!

While we could not find the origin story of Buy A Musical Instrument Day, we did learn that this day was initially held on May 18 each year in honor of writer and composer Meredith Willson (1902–1984). Willson was famous for writing the music and lyrics for the musical “The Music Man”. Why this date was changed remains a mystery.

Buy A Musical Instrument Day timeline

30,000 to 37,000 years ago
The Oldest-Known Musical Instruments are Created

Flutes made from bones of mammoths and swans are used in the Upper Paleolithic age — these are widely accepted as being some of the oldest musical instruments.

5th–15th Century
Musical Instruments Go Global

North African instruments find their way to Europe, and instruments from Mesopotamia appear in maritime Southeast Asia.

Musical Instrument Development Slows

There isn't much in the way of the development or innovation of musical instruments, and the Western World dominates any change in this landscape.

A Period of Revolution in Music

In the Classical and Romantic periods, composers and musicians start using musical instruments in new and revolutionary ways, changing how we hear music forever.

The Only Musical Instrument Associated With Neanderthals

Slovenian archaeologist Ivan Turk discovers a 43,000-year-old bone carving named the Divje Babe Flute, which is likely the oldest musical instrument in the world, although this flute's status as a musical instrument is disputed.

20th Century
The Rise Of Electronic Musical Instruments

Many new electronic musical instruments are developed like electric guitars, synthesizers, and the theremin.

Buy A Musical Instrument Day FAQs

Are musical instruments a good investment?

While many musical instruments have little resale value, they can mentally and physically benefit a person.

What is the cheapest musical instrument?

The most inexpensive musical instruments include the flute, clarinet, and trumpet, and the infrequently used clash cymbals and tambourine.

Which is World Music Day?

World Day of Music (also called Fête de la Musique) takes place on June 21 each year to honor all musicians. More than 120 countries celebrate this day by hosting free concerts in public places like parks, streets, and museums.

How To Celebrate Buy A Musical Instrument Day

  1. Buy a musical instrument

    What’s in a name? Just an idea on how to celebrate this particular day, apparently. Add playing a musical instrument to your skills and buy the one instrument you have always wanted. Don’t want to buy an instrument? Simply make your own DIY one from common household materials. For instance, you can upturn a bucket to create a drum or fill the inside of an unused cardboard roll with beans to create a rainmaker.

  2. Take music lessons

    Now that you've got your hands on a musical instrument, how about learning to play it? You can even take music lessons to familiarize yourself with different instruments and then pick which one is your favorite.

  3. Make music

    What do you do with your new skill of playing a musical instrument? You play it, of course! You can make it a group affair by inviting friends and family to play with you. When you start making terrific music, you can even set up impromptu concerts for local communities!

5 Fun Facts About Musical Instruments

  1. There are six main instrument categories

    There are six main musical instrument categories: percussion, woodwind, brass, strings, keyboard, and electronic.

  2. The piano is the most played

    The piano is the most widely played musical instrument across the world — this is followed by the guitar, and then by drums.

  3. Guess how many Americans play the piano?

    21 million Americans play the piano, more than all other musical instruments combined.

  4. Playing music helps children

    Research shows children who play musical instruments read at more advanced levels, exhibit larger vocabularies, and are good at teamwork.

  5. A field of study on its history

    Called organology, this academic field studies the history of musical instruments.

Why We Love Buy A Musical Instrument Day

  1. Learn about music

    The history of the world has always been intertwined with music. Each culture has its own importance and history of various musical instruments like drums played during a war, trumpets to announce something of importance, and more. Buy A Musical Instrument Day brings music and its history to the forefront of our minds, allowing us to reflect on the impact music has on the world.

  2. Music creates a community

    Playing, learning, or even talking about it — music gives us a lot to share with like-minded people. How else can you explain the energy of the crowd at concerts? Bonding over this art form encourages people to learn and carry the music-making tradition on to future generations.

  3. It encourages positive habits

    Studies correlate playing a musical instrument with a better quality of life. People perform better in school and work, experience less stress, and are generally more happy and productive. We certainly think learning to play musical instruments is a sight better than giving in to harmful habits or boredom. If you knew of a hobby that could enrich your life, wouldn’t you pick it up?

Buy A Musical Instrument Day dates

2024May 22Wednesday
2025May 22Thursday
2026May 22Friday
2027May 22Saturday
2028May 22Monday

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